4 barrel shotgun

32″ Blued Damascus bbls are black powder proofed. 3084 of 1880 (late, 42-1/2 inch part octagon part round Damascus barrel. Beautiful condition, considering age and usage. Cal. I have read that you squeezed both triggers for self-cocking (British parlance) or double-action, and for fine aiming single-action you squeezed the bottom trigger and then the top as Mr. M demonstrated above. Bright and shiny. "Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave.". You can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the item you just added to your shopping cart. One of their most notable products was a series of 2-barrel and 4-barrel handguns, and they expanded the mechanism from those into a small number of 4-barrel shotguns (and an even smaller number of 4-barrel rifles). Re: 4 Barrel Shotgun « Reply #7 on: March 29, 2010, 06:20:33 pm » I was thinking a single stocked gun (unlike the 1740) with one set of triggers (or like new shotties just one trigger, run in sequence by trigger pull) with 4 short barrels. 8 ga. 3-1/2″ Chambers. One important difference, however, was that in the Savage-North version, the lower (ring) trigger that rotated the cylinder, and cocked the hammer absolutely had to be drawn back first. 31” Damascus barrels. Very clever trigger mechanism too. Where is Deer Hunter? The lock plates are marked T. or J. Adams and the 36 inch wire damascus barrels are Birmingham, W. AND C. SCOTT 8 BORE HAMMER SHOTGUN. The Liberator is a lovingly maintained custom Quad-Barrel Shotgun that fires explosive shells. R. A. CO” in script on concave game rib. Sean the top hand drawn picture you posted is almost identical to what I was thinking. Watch: Liberator 4-Barrel Survival Shotguns by Winchester, 2016: More Guns — and Less Violent Crime — Than Ever Before, Watch: Eve From Alaska the Last Frontier Shucking her Dead Chickens, Watch: You’ve Been Splitting Firewood the Wrong Way, Watch: Tractor-Mounted Machine Cuts and Splits Firewood, 12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 11-Biolite PowerLight Mini, Reenactor’s Black Powder Rifle Goes Kaboom, Rethink Your Preps with the “Store Blind” Approach, 12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 10-Muyshont Aeon Mk 3, Home Invader Chose Wrong House, Got Killed With His Own Gun, Watch: Tree Cutter Gets a Nasty Surprise From a Hollow Tree, Watch: Pistol Trainee Almost Blows off Hand, 12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 8–Olight S1R, 12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 9: 3D Printed Spinner. The Mark 1 had some problems, and Ian was unable to get his hands on one, so after examining a wood mockup of a Mark 1 we begin looking at a sure-nuff Mark 2. Stoner 63A Automatic Rifle – The Original Modular Weapon, Enfield carbines are marvelous little guns, in my opinion, and just ooze history. First that Ian is incorrect, and second because Ian is rarely incorrect in his videos. Double ivory beads. Along the same reasoning for the Howdah. No pitting but some light roughness. Page created in 1.784 seconds with 29 queries. Charles Lancaster started his unmaking business in London in 1826, and it would survive more than one hundred years, being run after Charles’ death by his sons and then by an apprentice who bought out the firm in 1878. I doubt that the British ever used it but perhaps after comparing it to the domestic counterpart the better of the two was chosen. I was thinking a single stocked gun (unlike the 1740) with one set of triggers (or like new shotties just one trigger, run in sequence by trigger pull) with 4 short barrels. 11.5 lbs. I had not heard of just squeezing the top trigger for self-cocking or double action.

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