bessemer and lake erie timetable

The PS&LE did not have the finances to complete a line to Pittsburgh, but Andrew Carnegie did. Erie Lackawanna Railroad Telegram Form Pack. '); The highest horsepower units on the road were a handful of 2400 hp Alco RSD-15s obtained in 1964 and sold in 1973.The 1750-2000 hp 6-axles were the standard mainline power until the addition of rebuilt SD45T-2s (3000 hp SD40-3s) in 1999. When the B&LE first purchased the WA in 1967, a single SW8 was all that was needed to work the meager coal traffic on the branch. The original mainline was retained as Shenango remained a major interchange point and Greenville remained the Bessemer’s headquarters and the location for their major shops and engine servicing facilities. random_img[2] = ''; Pennsylvania Railroad New York to Washington Schedule June 8, 1947. Chicago & North Western Railway June 2, 1913.

})}); © Copyright DP Simulation. Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad April 27, 1947. $7.49 2 bids ... OCTOBER 1961 PRR PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD FORM 16 BUFFALO ERIE PUBLIC TIMETABLE. The Bessemer & Lake Erie route for Train Simulator re-creates Conneaut in remarkably authentic fashion, right up to including fully functional Hulett unloaders! Like ARRM? 1918, Baltimore & Ohio 1942 I have done some research and have came up empty handed so far on every search I've done. random_img[19] = ''; Santa Fe advertisement for western trains from March 21, 1937.

The fleet was a mix of new builds and second-hand acquisitions from other railroads, most notably corporate partner Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range. Central of Georgia passenger train advertisement for 1961. Click Here For More Accomodations Page 2. Lackawanna Railroad September 24, Life is like a mountain railroad, with an engineer that’s brave; Until the ’80s, the Hilliards Branch was served by the Branchton Mine Crew crew based at Branchton, the B&LE main’s junction with the Hilliards Branch. With the onset of the coal boom in the ’70s and the opening/re-opening of several truck-dump style tipples on the branch, the B&LE replaced the switcher with F-units which performed better on the line’s tight curves than the SDs. In 1988, the B&LE became a part of Transtar Inc. along with other transportation-related pieces of US Steel.

Consruction included the bridging of the Allegheny River with a 3,438 foot steel bridge. random_img[11] = '';

To maximize revenue miles, B&LE coal hoppers often returned south half-loaded with iron ore for the steel mills (half-loaded by bulk but fully loaded by weight; the B&LE also used smaller ore hoppers). The North-Eastern Ohio railroad was organized to run from the port at Conneat, OH to a connection with this new railroad near Albion, PA, and the two roads were consolidated as the PS&LE in 1888. The Union Railroad brought even more coal to the B&LE through coal received via barge at Duquesne wharf along with the Union’s connections with PRR, B&O, P&LE, and the N&W’s former Pittsburgh & West Virginia line.

Masterfully created by G-TraX, the Bessemer & Lake Erie route brings to life the B&LE during the heart of the steam era and includes the B&LE’s rugged line from the shores of Lake Erie at Conneaut, Ohio to North Bessemer, Pennsylvania, as well as a variety of important B&LE rail yards, secondary lines, rail interchanges, and coal branches!

Reading Railway System February 15, 1943. Unity Railways was built to serve the large mine at Renton, PA, east of North Bessemer. In 1999-2000, the B&LE modernized its fleet somewhat with rebuilt ex-Southern Pacific SD45T-2s which have been repowered and derated from 3600 to 3000 hp and designated as SD40T-3Ms. In the heyday of the steam era, there was a concentraion of tipples near Russelton, but tipples dotted the mainline from Russelton to Grove City. Pennsylvania Railroad "Broadway Limited" advertisement for 1941. Required fields are marked *.

DCK1020D2 New, Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System, Certified Refurbished. 1946 B&LE Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad Public Timetable T125. Baltimore and Ohio advertisement of "The Cincinnatian" train for September 28, 1948. The Hilliards branch was also home to a handful of coal tipples. The Bessemer made a few modest expansions in the diesel era. Wheeling & Lake Erie operates over 500 miles of its own track across Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, with an additional 250+ miles of trackage … Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad December 9, 1937. random_img[17] = ''; I'm going to be up in northwest Pennsylvania this coming weekend and I was wondering if and where I could find a copy online. Despite its proximity to the steel mills of Pittsburgh, most of the B&LE’s coal headed north to Conneaut and Lake Erie because it wasn’t of sufficient quality for the mills.

Monongah Division, Monongahela Railway 1992 Employee Timetable, September 1876 Pittsburg and Lake Erie passenger advertisement for 1935. Baltimore and Ohio September 1, 1927.

Chicago and North Western Railway May 10, 1961. The B&LE often worked with F units at both ends of the train, and it wasn’t unusual for one set of locos to work one tipple while the other set worked a different tipple. The B&LE also hauled a lot of coal brought in from its many connections. Anything bound for the US Steel mills was handed off to the Union Railroad at North Bessemer as the Union’s tracks and curves proved unsuitable for the B&LE’s 6-axles. The drama and challenges of classic American heavy steam railroading in the 1920s roars into your collection with the extraordinary Bessemer & Lake Erie route!

random_img[18] = ''; These connections would later become the Conrail, CSX, NS and Wheeling & Lake Erie. Coal was abundant on the south end of the B&LE. Albion, Ohio; Butler, Pennsylvania (home to three yards and key railroad interchanges); and North Bessemer, Pennsylvania (where the B&LE interchanged with Pittsburgh’s Union Railroad), each host railroad facilities. $8.00. The Branchton mine crew served the loaders on the mainline north of Butler, but there were loaders on the main between Butler and North Bessemer including the Russelton No 2 mine and coal-washing facility. Keep your hand upon the throttle, and your eye upon the rail. Atchison,Topeka & Santa Fe dining station ad for January 19, 1936. d.write('. "text": "#838391" The entire route has been refined to give 70 miles of the most entertaining and exhilarating experiences this railroad has to offer. *BL&E SD38-2s 891-892 traded for DM&IR SD38-2 210 and EJ&E SD38-2 658 in 1980, Your email address will not be published.

Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy January to April, 1940. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

New York, Ontario and Western Railway April 27, 1947. random_img[3] = ''; In the heydays of steel industry in the Pittsburgh, the B&LE was even a Class 1 railroad. Pennsylvania Railroad advertisement for all weather train service 1941. Seaboard train advertisement for the "Orange Bloosom Special" 1940. Chicago and Eastern Illinois Decemeber 15, 1949. B&LE SD40T-3 at Osgood, PA, 2010 -Randy Faris. Click the button below to purchase this Train Simulator DLC. A similar arrangement was made by forming and leasing the Conneaut Terminal Railroad Company in Ohio, and both were consolidated into the PS&LE in 1893. Boston and Albany July 29, 1901. When the mine re-opened in 1967, the B&LE served the 3.9-mile branch and tipple with a mine crew out of North Bessemer. Employee Timetables - detailed information needed to work Bessemer & Lake Erie’s busy route from Conneaut, Ohio to North Bessemer, Pennsylvania, a route distance of approximately 140 miles, condensed into a total route length of 70 miles that offers the most compelling experiences. The F-units and SD7s were relegated to switching and branch-line duties. Seaboard Airline Railroad passenger advertisement for the "Silver Meteor". Chicago & Western Indiana October 29, 1967, Florida East Coast Railway December 16, 1938. The dual-ended power also helped with the steep grades on the line–loads from the Kaylor area had to make their way up a 2.5% grade before they could coast downgrade to Queen Jct. The Bessemer & Lake Erie was a railroad created to serve the steel industry and deliver iron ore from Great Lakes freighters docking at Conneaut Harbor to steel mills located around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. "popup": { Baltimore and Ohio advertisement of "The Cincinnatian" train for September 28, 1948. Of course, other large industries grew up along the line including limestone processing (Branchton) and rail car manufacturing (Butler and Greenville). The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad was a regional system based in western Pennsylvania that connected Bessemer, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) with the Lake Erie port of Conneaut, Ohio and an interchange point with the Nickel Plate Road (later Norfolk & Western/Norfolk Southern) at Wallace Junction (near Erie, Pennsylvania). It’s time to experience the famed B&LE – and the memorable and captivating era of 1920s American steam-era railroading – with the Train Simulator Bessemer & Lake Erie route! The Bessemer & Lake Erie was a railroad created to serve the steel industry and deliver iron ore from Great Lakes freighters docking at Conneaut Harbor to steel mills located around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The original diesel fleet consisted primarily of EMD F-units with a handful of SD7s, Baldwin road switchers and Alco switchers. Pennsylvania Railroad June 20, 1943 (Through service to and from the South). This was a loads-in/loads-out operation and was served by a North Bessemer Mine Crew which also served the large sintering plant (turning fine ore into pellets usable in steel making) at Saxonburg. Public Timetables - schedules of passenger trains, usually Since May 2004 the B&LE has been the Bessemer Subdivision of the Canadian National Railway Company (CN). The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad (reporting mark BLE) is a class II railroad that operates in northwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio.. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); var total_images = 20; The main route ran 139 miles from the Lake Erie port of Conneaut to North Bessemer, PA.

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