catching killers: proving poison worksheet answer key

And even though the deaths have slowed down, the children are still being exposed to dangerous levels of lead, which can leave them with major handicaps such as blindness, spastic paralysis, seizure disorders, and mental retardation. However, 57.7% of people sick did not have any contact with animals. This week, the deaths of 2 pregnant women and 1 child are reported in the camp. Interviewing workers in every government building in these 2 cities would not be as helpful as knowing what activity or exposure these people have in common. You also learn that the assumed severity of the disease also increased among the public. You also need to interview a number of healthy teens who did those same activities. Mosquitoes spread West Nile virus to people, but mosquitoes can also spread it to birds. !1A"Qaq#2���B��R��$3br�%&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? Notice that the last 5 cases don't meet the clinical case definition of chickenpox. A small percentage of people will develop severe symptoms or a chronic infection.

Objects that a person who is or was sick has touched. They may be putting in, taking out, disinfecting, or storing their lenses incorrectly. In early June, Dieter came down with a high fever, headache, and cough. Nearly half of infected cases had contact with another jaundiced person. That's because West Nile virus has an incubation period of 4-10 days, meaning that those people were probably bitten before the spraying but didn't get symptoms until afterwards. In the meantime, you need to talk with everyone who is sick - and their families - to find out which activities they participated in before becoming sick. Because of heavy rains, the cows have been grazing in the pasture across the stream, uphill from the spinach farm. That is a big difference.

Flu outbreaks can spread quickly, so you need to keep working before it spreads even more! Maintain control of your pets: keep cats indoors, and keep your eye on dogs. It's early May in a small, rural county in the Midwest. /Length 27 You should try to learn more about what the people who are sick have in common as it may give you clues about the source of the outbreak. Six of the sick workers shared their water bottle, which is a good way to spread germs.

In the village of Dandano, 75 more people have gotten sick, and 10 more have died.

You should remind the food court workers to always: It's not necessary to test all the food court workers. It also could have been May 17.

Each person was asked what they did in the month before becoming infected. Stay in buildings with screened or air-conditioned rooms.

While this could help rule out influenza, some of the brothers are showing non-flu symptoms. The doctor thinks Sam has bug bites, since there's been a recent problem with bed bugs in the prison. It is common for bacteria to be found in natural waterways around wastewater treatment plants' discharge points. What are the signs and symptoms of those who are sick?

Antibodies are disease-specific. The cows are therefore the likely source of the spinach contamination.
Interestingly enough, you find that two thirds (66%) of infected people have been wearing contacts for less than 3 years. The attack rates among those who did not do these things are much lower.

No, the 3 sick people who had left the country told you that they came back to the US within the last week. Sorry, but doing this slowly and deliberately won't fly this time. That's why people who have been exposed to anthrax must take antibiotics for 60 days - to ensure anthrax is no longer in their bodies.

Most patients became sick within 1 week of swimming in the Community Swim Club's activity pool.

Each row represents a case (sick person), and each column has important information about the case, like age, sex, and symptoms.

This is the first time the brown dog tick has been found to carry RMSF. Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Scrambled eggs should not be runny.

This means that Ebola isn't restricted to certain kinds of people. You investigate further, contacting health authorities in Mali. The investigation found that 99% of the inmates had protection against chickenpox. It looks like all of the sick people attended a music event in Chicago.

During January and February 1989, 3 cases of chickenpox occurred at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lexington, Kentucky.

In fact, they met up every day to hang out and soak up the "island life"–trying local cuisines (including foods that may not have been cooked in the most sanitary conditions), surfing, hiking, and lounging by the pool. We're sending you back in time a bit for this one.

Anthrax can be released quietly and without anyone knowing.

In Mexico, public health experts used national reporting data to identify people with GBS in Mexico. You immediately send the samples to public health laboratories for testing, but that will take a couple of days. And it's unlikely to be the last, as vampire bats have been moving north.

Data aren't always as accurate as we'd like.

On the one hand, it's true that older people have weaker immune systems, so sometimes they're more likely to catch certain illnesses. So it's possible that people are traveling to other parts of the continent without knowing that they could have Ebola. The epi curve shows you that the number of sick has dropped quite a bit since you started chelation therapy and environmental repairs. Both are known lead sources. As you compare the test results, you realize that the "DNA fingerprints" match for all of the sick people, which means that they're infected with the same strain of Salmonella. Contact dermatitis isn't contagious, which means it can't spread from one person to another. However, some are pathogenic, meaning they can cause illness, either diarrhea or illness outside of the intestinal tract. This includes inmates who have never had chickenpox or only had 1 dose of the chickenpox vaccine. Based on the data all people - young and old, male and female - are getting sick. Y� �ٚ�x� �������'~��� �� PK ! The problem seems to be getting worse. Three others are in critical condition, with very high fever, headache, disorientation (confusion), muscle weakness, and convulsions (sudden, violent, uncontrollable shaking). Older people often get pneumonia from a bad flu, and a few months ago a deadly kind of flu was discovered at a military base only 40 miles from Philadelphia. Some people are even bitten by tick larvae, which are as small as the head of a pin. The doctors run some tests to confirm their suspicion, and you send the lab work to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta to analyze. With so many kids dead and more dying every day, there's no time for delay.

One prisoner has been hospitalized and one prison guard has contracted the rash.

The data shows you that all of the mining activities are unhealthy, and that each additional activity makes it even worse for the kids. Some simple food-handling practices can help prevent infections of Campylobacter jejuni, such as: The two things many of the patients in your Characteristics and Activities Chart have in common are that many spent time in Renalto, Arizona, and were ill with diarrhea. Touching objects and surfaces contaminated with norovirus then putting your fingers in your mouth. It was hard to figure out the data, but you nailed it: Many of the people who are sick either work outdoors, spend a lot of time outside, or have pets that roam around outdoors. This new group has not been exposed to the diseases circulating in the camp, so they don't have immunity. Sorry.

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