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A movie drunk on the wonders and possibilities of animation, brought to life with the most hypnotic color scheme I've ever seen in stunning HDR. When deadly plant-based aliens that look like women attack the Earth in order to colonize it, only one rogue captain can stop them. Our boy works for The Guild (cf. It has received poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.4. While out on his mission he finds himself strangely drawn to the fate of a mysterious wandering planet. Later, while he is driving home, he is involved in a car accident with a speeding driver who bears a striking resemblance to the Captain of the Pirate Guild. Based upon Buichi Terasawa's space-opera manga series, the 1982 animated film adaptation of Space Adventure Cobra features an ordinary office worker named Johnson living in the distant future who remembers nothing beyond the past three years of his arguably boring life. Riding in on the coattails of Star Wars, this early anime pits space pirate Cobra against an evil MF Doom lookin' cat by the unfortunate name of Crystal Boy (actually credited as Crystal Bowie (?? Was cool watching this on a tv and not a tabet. But if I am ever close to death, I too want to be revived by the power of sexy robot ladies playing prog rock. A cheap knockoff of every 70's-80's genre trope. Finally, cobra with the original yello sountrack. Cobra is a lovable, horny scalawag who travels the galaxy in style. View production, box office, & company info. Bowie finds them, kills Sandra, the Snow Gorillas' leader, and Dominique, who dies in Cobra's hands and asks him to kill Catherine to prevent the Guild to control Myrus. Its only outstanding quality is misogyny. But this captures so much weirdness in one package. (1979) by Osamu Dezaki, Anime: New Look At Kill La Kill, Upcoming Series From Gurren Lagann Creative Team. But Lord Nekron, leader of the Galactic Guild, a powerful criminal organization, is following their track with the same goal ... New anime Ott channel launches – “RetroCrush!”, Film Review: Aim for the Ace! Meanwhile, Jane is deceived and killed by Catherine, who fell in love with Bowie. The Virgin Solo: A Star Wars Story vs. the Chad Space Adventure Cobra. This movie looks amazing, and sounds fantastic. Is 'Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie 1982' movie streaming …

A very juvenile (and very male) playing-with-action-figures kind of fantasy, with about that level of emotional maturity. Cocaine as developed for an eye-surgery anesthetic let loose in a blizzard, the congealed flakes large enough to reflect starlight in garishly slick rainbow tones. Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie opens with the bounty hounter Jane Royal apparently killing a creature and taking its head out.As she boasts in a bar, the self-proclaimed "Cobra" is attracted to her, and starts to follow her. The "power of love" part of the film is pretty lame unless it was going for a indirect Christian theme. He fights the Space Pirate Guild, an organized criminal entity and ends up allowing leader Captain Vaiken to escape. Accept no substitutes! And Die. There are allot of shower scenes though and apparently you have to be naked to unlock a planet when your body is the key. And fall in love again. Starcrash costumes. like an animated sci-fi DIABOLIK. It's not a deep reading, but it's a strong recommendation. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The animation is the main attraction here. To show the universe who's runnin' shit son. Anime Marches On 2019 Challenge: 1 of 1 Osamu Dezaki anime, This seemed like a fairly straight forward action/sci fi/adventure film with a likable, devil-may-care lead and his bad ass female bounty hunter companion. Enjoyable sci-fi action adventure. He pushes himself to impossible speeds and acrobatics through sheer force of will and focuses his mind energy into materializing a "Psychogun" to blast away the bad guys (perhaps the inspiration for Mega Man). It does its job to move from scene to scene.

Some incredible visual effects.

I also love the visual stylings of Osamu Dezaki. Cobra himself floats somewhere between Han Solo and Space Dandy. It has the feel of bizarre, late '70s sci-fi, like the Jerry Cornelius novels by Michael Moorcock. Space Adventure Cobra is an Animation, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure movie that was released in 1982 and has a run time of 1 hr 39 min. Space Adventure Cobra movie full movie 123. How do people not talk about this as an all-time classic adult animation title?! When Cobra visits Jane in her home, the creature's head attack them, but it is ultimately killed by Jane. I'll see it at least 10 times! He falls for bounty huntress Jane Flower, whom crime lord Necron wants dead, and tries to help her save her world. "Cobra", itself, has a James Bond style mixed with Lupin III that is quite cool. If you love '70s or early '80s sci-fi weirdness, classic anime, or hidden animated gems, this one will make you fall in love. However, he could walk into water, carry the dead girl, and then walk back out in just one single breath. He falls for bounty huntress Jane Flower, whom crime lord Necron wants dead, and tries to help her save her world. However, Cobra overcomes the 400-degrees-below-zero temperature because of Jane's love, as Catherine interprets it; he escapes from the prison and get Jane's corpse. Not sure what's going on but it looks amazing. Five Stars if you keep the girls alive for next time. I guess that was kinda reference that our space pirate anti-hero did not walk on ice-cold water. So many strong 80's sci-fi motifs, varieties of ray guns and space ships and such, weird costumes, and actually quite excellent animation. This movie is just cool! She doubts he is the real Cobra, as it is said that he died two years ago and had a special weapon called "Psychogun" in his left arm. Oh wow, they actually made a Jerrry Cornelius movie.

But with random, out of nowhere trippy visuals that didn't seem to belong in a movie like this....but then the story kind of caught up to the visuals and turned into James Bond meets Han Solo meets Starbuck in a galaxy of space mafia, triplets that transfer love (it's always good to have a back up in love I guess), revolutionaries, reanimated corpses, something about the destruction of a galaxy, and a bad guy named Crystal Boy....who still manages to be intimidating, in spite of his…. Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie 1982 1h 38m Anime Based on Comics Heiress-turned-bounty-hunter Jane seeks space pirate Cobra's help in reuniting with her … Psychedelic kisses. The music also, with the exception of the intro song, should really be redone.

Pretty self-explanatory title you get what you came for, I just wanted to make a list of anime from it's…, diego fentanes 329 films 5,954 139 Edit, Any suggestions are welcomed*, I'd love this list to be huge and one day…, Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. In 2977, mankind has space colonies, machines do all the work and everyone just wants to have fun.

They all have macho guys, fantastic technology, weird planets, and Wonder Woman like female characters. He had three years ago surgically changed his facial features and erased his memories so he could start over and live a normal life without the constant threat of enemy pursuit. Directed by Osamu Dezaki. It's hard to describe how exquisitely weird it is, without being nonsense. Thanks again! She doubts he is the real Cobra, as it is said that he died two years ago and had a special weapon called "Psychogun" in his left arm. This FAQ is empty. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. You may as well have him walk on water and save the girl. ‘SPACE ADVENTURE コブラ’ And Die. Gimme more Cobra! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Peccato non poterlo avere in Blu Ray, Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I’m still trying to wrap my head around certain plot points and some of the character motivations, but I’m not sure you totally need a handle on either of those things to have a lot of fun watching this. If I could give it 6 stars, I would! 2020 Challenge (14/32) Five anime films from the 80s (3/5) So what is Space Adventure Cobra about? Ono degli OAV più belli che abbia mai visto , trama coinvolgente pieno di colpi di scena , persoanggi fantastici .

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