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[TR] SWAT team, let me show you how we do a crime [LL] This where it actually can be [TR] This cat a bitch 4. these pumps burst in the street like summertime [C] I want his mom {Hollow does a trust fall into Lux} We came to take the house [LL] See jokes is what what you make it [HDD] Tay Roc listen here [HDD] Yeah, yeah, yeah and one more thing, don't be the next nigga to catch a Hollow [TR] That's Suge and Jeruz inside [LL] What's symbolic is they see old men I was raised by the motherfuckin' Glock, woah Broomstick in the cheeks [Both] Bake him like butter rolls Aye, go around back Don't be mad, they minds ain't Wizards like ours (Oz) I wish you would try me What they think? [Round 3: Loaded Hollows] As long as y'all keep Smack happy, y'all keep ya life [Both] They had to haul him to that Harlem hospital givin' beds out [TR] Dairy farms Back reconnected we [TR] Nah, Transformers [Both] Don (Dawn) a scrub, watch his plate get washed [TR] Shaquille Sunflower [LL] I feel like I got that .38 wit' the electric tape Let's go! [C] Hit Mook wit' a cal' then Murda land (Murdaland) on him Loaded Hollows vs. Gunz N Cake Lyrics: {Roc and Chess choose to go first} / Yo! [HDD] From the real [LL] Healthy! Sleepy Hollow Lyrics: Ahaha, yeah / Mr. Redd / Woah, woah / Big 14 know what the fuck goin' on (Shh) / Gang shit, nigga (Ha) / Thank you (Ha), yeah (Phew) / Feel like Ichigo, nigga, I'm a hollow … The former Metallica bassist talks about his first time writing a song with James Hetfield, and how a hand-me-down iPad has changed his songwriting. [HDD] You niggas wouldn't even have a chance in a commercial [C] I switch the cannons like Mega Man [Both] While the cars still in park [C] Like zombies when they come alive [TR] Fuck Loaded Hollows Now Roc I see you got yourself assist- I mean an assistant [LL] But don't think everybody who play along knows (nose) what kind of sign this (sinus) is, nigga “Cochise” was released as Audioslave’s first single. Mood swingin' a bat [C] Another clip? [TR] He think he Cochise in The Warriors ALL we do is diss [HDD] Well that's a bison [HDD] I got that same gut feeling [TR] I got it [TR] Gang members [TR] Yeah them niggas probably put protein in they codeine [HDD] What? [C] BANG! [C] Fuck Loaded Hollows [Verse] [HDD] Look, y'all niggas talkin' a lot of shit, say I lost, that's kinda bold (bald) And take it out on me, yeah [C] {whistles} [TR] I'm in ya thoughts [HDD] Fuck outta here Just send mind like telepath- Light bars! Really wasn't. [LL] So this what you really wanna do? [HDD] So that's your statement then? I got racks (Racks), clientele (Yeah) Whatchu thinkin' I got memory loss? [Chess] Pussy, you made a statement sayin' "stand up niggas don't lean." The data for this new match, I just ain't runnin' to it [LL] Nigga that's a gynecologist You're most impressive Bombard where they livin' Bro you embarrassing us, you OD'ing nigga The lyrics are by Kazushige Nojima, translated by Ben Sabin, and John Crow. Talk down on the gang, you can get some hollows (Yeah, ha) And I've got just one thing that I can offer [C] You ain't wit' us- FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Theme Song Behind The Scenes video (Closed Captions). A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs. [C] Treat these niggas like laundry clothes So effective [HDD] Ain't no tellin' who Tay wit' Yo, I'ma connect if you punch out When the Gun Bar King was oooowwh, still a prince then [HDD] Make it a Gun Title since they gassin' 'em [HDD] They go wit' this hoodie, I think was dope [HDD] Then you take it Did these primitive thought, limited energy source niggas forget what they talk? [LL] Bro, I ain't trippin' that was dope but I thought you put down the bottle Hollow Lyrics. You- you- you preachin' ass nigga [C] UPS, how you gon' send it? It was leaked along with the rest of the album in August of 2020. Many battlers work for years trying to get a match with a battler of their stature, so some fans were upset that someone as young as Chess was getting this opportunity, especially with the rocky 2017/2018 years he had. Cochise has been described as the last great American Indian chief to die free and absolutely unconquered. [C] Ooh, that bar was closed {Lux stumbles. [TR] It's gonna look like a Chinese divorce [TR] Buck it (bucket) wit' drums [HDD] After you did all that, I already thought these niggas was lost Album Credits. Surf in this town locked." [TR] Point at his bitch Damn, sad news (Sad news) {Lux turns into Robo Lux} [C] Hollow always find his way back to the activist Newman makes it look easy these days, but in this 1974 interview, he reveals the paranoia and pressures that made him yearn for his old 9-5 job. Thankfully, Chess, the newest member of Tay Roc’s Cave Gang crew, was willing to step in as Surf’s replacement after receiving the blessing from all parties involved (including Tsu Surf). Hollow does a mic check, some dude comes out and yells at the crowd to not tape the battle. Cakes involved [TR] Next door? I pull strings, we in front ya door wit' the hoodies lowered Cause I heard he sold that album to his fans... [LL] What in the world is this shit coming to? [LL] Yes it is [HDD] Yeah cause he got out ASAP [TR] Nah, camp on him This song kinda sounds like that. [HDD] Shit won't get trife [TR] I'll walk up to this old dude [TR] Red beam, scan on him That ain't the crowd bro [TR] Aye, I pop up where the Da Don and them chillin' [HDD] I'm not excited neither [HDD] We evolved the game that's a mute-tation {Hollow says he wants to bring it back and do something different} [Tay Roc] Except his partner, he's a whole fiend [C] A few roots missin' at least Gang shit, nigga (Ha) [C] "Fuck you gon' do?" [HDD] I heard they treasure Chess (chest) [HDD] I mean I know this is foolishness, but, why we doin' Usher? And so I drink to health, while you kill yourself [Both]...There we go actin' light skinned We'll wait Toothpick in the head [Both] The diamond tester! Cochise Lyrics: Well, I've been watching, while you've been coughing / I've been drinking life, while you've been nauseous / And so I drink to health, while you kill yourself / And I've got just I'm in the middle man, but right now like Dapper Dan with the suit somehow [C] This one rewind [HDD] Look, look, look, I'm here to heart check Roc [TR] Knock him out wit' the Iron [TR] Who told you you could swim wit' sharks? [C] I pointed at mother load [Chorus] [TR] Mechanical pencil Cochise … [HDD] We in the house [Both] Target neutralized [LL] You took a reel {Lux starts hitting the side of his head} The song was named after an Apache Indian chief who declared war on the Southwest and drove out thousands of settlers. [Loaded Lux] We'll wait. [LL] That was surgical too [TR] I'll knock a nugget out of his mind [Round 2: Gunz N Cake] [C] I'm in that fuckin' mode [TR] That's an airplane carry on [LL] That's a fact [C] Plan A But uh... [HDD] That reminds me of a vegan scheme We couldn't make this shit up to stay alive Handgun, where my prints went [TR] You leanin' ass nigga Tragedy (Oh, I know you ain't finna do it to 'em, on son, you finna do it?) [HDD] I said, last round we dumbed it down ", Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" borrows a bit from Don McLean's "American Pie." Carlton Banks was still at Princeton [C] That's a case for Beloved We pull up to his crib like, "Is Hollow home?" [HDD] Waaait, wait, wait, this a new game now Okay we'll wait. [LL] That's emergency fume [C] Let me get it together now Feel like Ichigo, nigga, I'm a hollow (Yeah) {Hollow comes back out} [C] I'll reload it [HDD] No, I'm talkin' stray hand (Strahan), Giant grip, the D.E. What is you doin' bro? Let me get 30 on 2 [TR] [?] Leave a nigga headless, Sleepy Hollow (Bah, phew) [HDD] Then I hope Lux hearin' me Talk down on the gang, you can get some hollows (Yeah, ha) [TR] Beefin' wit' me? Where you'll crawl on my skin and put the blame on me [TR] Leave niggas chalked, he saw a van go (Van Gogh) [TR] .357 as soon as Lux (lucks) ran out [LL] Wow, that was mean [C] Then pistol whip her until Back then for no chicken Ahaha, yeah [TR] Gang shit! [TR] I show up to the funeral bringin' Mama Da Don a rose [C] I quiet Lux's, his jaw get wired shut, he should've closed it Nigga, I'm goin' in [TR] And bitch if it's beef But just 17 days before the battle was supposed to take place, Tsu Surf got arrest for marijuana possession and a having a magazine clip in his possession. [HDD] I heard Everybody Loves Raymond [LL] Up here promotin' the throatin' nigga [HDD] For $7.25 [C] Hit ya heart But getting to battle Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don is no small feat. Cochise lyrics - 11 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Hatchback", "Letsgetit", "TAXIN". Go on and save yourself Brodie called, he won't be makin' bail (Bail) [Both] Lil' bro and them [TR] Aye bro look, so many pistols in our crib I'm like, "Which one is mine." Sick shit Hollow Lyrics: Uh, uh, uh / Tamagotchi on my waist, I'm feelin' fresh / Ok, I keep my homies with me, I can never stress / Ok, I keep my bible on me I'm forever blessed / I don't flex my cash [LL] You don't want none of this? [TR] The Beretta blam [TR] The gun loaded COCHISE Joans Garden Lyrics [Intro] Nah, I got y'all fools this time, hit it Yo', Cochise, A weh dem a seh? Hollow Da Don & Loaded Lux). Since a youth like Lebron was, my Juice been like Jamba [HDD] I mean you see I'm still eatin' lean Chopper hit him, make a nigga Milly Rock, woah (Woo, woo) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [TR] That's how that group collide [LL] Oh I hear ya nigga... [LL] You comin' out ya shoe and shit. [Bridge] [LL] You nigga on ya play play, y'all don't even know who y'all playin' wit' [C] The heffer ran [C] Pass me the pro for this Wess- so this 'bout to get relaced [LL] I did give Roc the introduction to win [HDD] But since he poked his chest (Chess) out, I'ma let you Cave it

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