emerging from the dark night of the soul

Gracefully emerge from the Dark Night of the Soul.

the reverberation of a hidden well...freed. The main difference between a spiritual depression and a psychological depression is there is no spiritual evolution or component in the latter. Do you think you may be experiencing the phase that is the Dark Night of the Soul? I told him last night that I will not accept being blamed and misjudged for something that happened due to me not being well and I am feeling disappointed with myself and so resentful of how many times I gave over my boundary.. In fact, there is incredible Angelic Support and energy available to guide you through! Sometimes I think if I cannot make you see me, there is no way I can go on living. The Dark Night of the Soul is a phrase used to describe reaching a low point in life, where you experience a loss of meaning in your life, and face the deep questions around your own mortality, and a previous lack of meaning in your life.

While the pain may have affected or hurt you, remember to be gentle, compassionate, and tender…practicing self-acceptance more than judgement for all that you feel. According to Eckhart Tolle, the “Dark Night of the Soul” is a term used to describe a collapse of a perceived meaning in life. Sort of light bouncing off of rock bottom, the only place you can go from this low of lows is up!

If you have experienced betrayal trauma, you know how isolating and distressing it can be. All for love, Matt Kahn, HOME     |     CONTACT     |     TERMS      |     PRIVACY    |    FAQ. A butterfly has a new purpose in life. But maybe its just an insight in how I used to feel, when drawn into your world which is drawn in such a different way to mine. You will only feel more disconnected, hopeless, and frustrated when you try to communicate with them. Sometimes the pain of it feels too too much, when my mind focuses on it. Another unknown is what life will be like after you move through this phase of suffering but maintaining the status quo. Dream, thrive and be alive. (Part 3): The Difference Between INFJ and ISFJ, Am I an INFJ? This in turn tends to cause the ego to  begin to cling to the past even harder, making the dark night feel even darker. You don’t feel satisfied or joy in the things that normally make you happy. When you finally see the light and have a new identity, you will probably need to make some adjustments to your life.

I have to stop focusing on it..

Back to Quiz The depths of darkness and depression that have marked your life in the recent past will now be transformed into the penetrating light of divine consciousness.

During this process, I will face anything and everything that binds me to the survival patterns of human behavior, as a chance to offer forgiveness, love, and light to the most unrecognized parts of self.

Here, we discuss such things as personal transformation, the meaning of life, death, and moments of clarity. Practicing solitude helps you to turn inwards and to connect with the soul. You might cry uncontrollably or without any reason, experience. For most of us, the ego has not died completely.

You ask yourself philosophical questions like, Who am I? Our ego wants to avoid pain and tries to find relief by blaming others. 5. It is where we meet the feisty and fiery parts that don’t want to be told what to do, and instead, are ready to be seen and heard — no matter what it takes to get our attention. In this space too, I attune with the ancestors.. At times I feel the vibrational imprints or ‘charge’ of things they endured, such as the three month migrational sea crossing.. You see the perceptions of the ego and the order and control that the ego wants to place on the world, but you also see that none of it is real. In most cases, in order to inspire the nervous system to empty out the layers of density that are ready to be healed, we undergo the process of being emotionally triggered.

Then I know that I am whole, that I am wanted, that I am loved, that I am enough.

But because I’ve been through it once, I know that this is for my greater good and I can appreciate the expansion my soul is bringing me, so I don’t suffer much at all. You don’t feel worthy or deserving of anything good in your life. According to St. John of the Cross, this state is fundamental, and even beneficial, in the search for God. So I have to let go of relationships that are drama-inducing and don’t align with the next stage of my growth. Focusing on others and what they have done doesn’t help you to process your emotions. What is there to do? Once I no longer want to be an animator, I became depressed and lost my sense of self.

This occurs when you exceed your brain’s ability to process information. It’s only through my Dark Night that I am awakened and realized that I am not what I do.

The first writings about the Dark Night of the Soul come from Saint John of the Cross, a Spanish mystic and Carmelite monk in the 16th century. Of course, the ego is going to panic and hold onto whatever it can grasp. What if there's nothing to "make it out of" other than this idea that something's wrong? You try to convince yourself to be happy, when you believe to have the perfect life everyone wants… And yet you experience an incredible void, and sense that “something is off”, You experience intense dreams, nightmares, and past life memories. You feel alone, even isolated from the Divine, a previous source of comfort and inspiration.

Out of the utter blackness of Putrefaction comes the yellow ferment, which appears like a golden wax flowing out of the foul matter. © Yong Kang Chan.

The conceptual framework that once gave us meanings and kept us going in life collapsed. While there i thought of how vulnerable emotional neglect makes us.. For him, the dark night was a painful period that revealed deep truths to him – not all easy to look at or acknowledge.

Do not attempt to struggle with the ego, let it relax and through the lessons you are learning, you will see your true Self emerge. All my love. Instead of focusing on the stories in your mind, you want to focus on your body and welcome the pain to move through your body. I've been on anti-depressants in the past and they just created false contentment within me. Modern Technology-Searching the internet, social media surfing and working too many hours on the computer, all contribute to overstimulation. As counter intuitive as it seems, accepting the pain, loving the part of yourself that is scared, hurt and in pain, and letting it all be okay is exactly how you begin to move through the dark night into the light of day.

Because the shift from 3D to 5D is a transition from combativeness to cooperation, our time spent in dark night of the soul is where we surrender to being the most cooperative and supportive to the most defiant and combative aspects of self.

Its arrival is announced by the formation of an iridescent, oily film the alchemists named the “Peacock’s Tail.”. I kind of went into an emotional rut where I didn't enjoy anything or look forward to anything the future held for me, thinking "this is all pointless. Before I went through my Dark Night, my identity was shaped by my career.

Perhaps you try to show them what you can now see, and they are unable or unwilling to see. This new life force changes the fundamental nature of the material in what the alchemists saw as a process of spiritization. If you are experiencing a dark night of the soul.

Take your time to honor it, these internal changes in your mind, body, and spirit.. feeling gratitude for yourself at the heart level. The longer you let the ego rule, the longer and more intense your dark night is likely to be.

Which led me directly to the internal true voice that showed me the more that is. Menu.

I can understand Scott was disappointed but to blame me and dump it all on me is not fair. Life feels pointless and painful. You are actually growing even though it seems worse from the ego’s perspective.

This is the natural course to what is happening to you, as your breakdowns become your breakthroughs. All of the symptoms that you feel are there to teach you love, surrender, trust, connection, and acceptance. Many times a dark night is triggered by an external event. How to be Authentic and True to Yourself? Feeling negative emotions: anger, sadness, frustration, confusion, hatred, etc., without knowing why or being able to identify a cause. It helps to hear of others experiences when we are struggling so hard as it can feel so very lonely when we hit the kind of period I am in at the moment.

There is nothing much to do or anything you can do to make the process any faster than what the soul desires. Yes, there will be challenges, and likely pain too, but suffering is not a prerequisite. People who are experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul often want to be alone and lose interest in interacting with others. I jumped from being an auditor to an accountant then to an animator, trying to find my identity. The conceptual structure that it’s relying on to survive is collapsing.

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