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The range is long enough to hit most units but not guaranteed to hit every unit. Suggested to only use a few per battle.

For optimal performance, 3 longbow archer ranges are advised. If deployed appropriately, they can even defeat units from the High Middle Ages. For all units except Spearfighters, the time remaining for a given unit to heal is 1/10 of its training time per bar of health. You should always try to put as many troops as possible into your army. Heavy Unit (80/75/10/22), Universal Tank: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Modern Era. There is however, a disadvantage that arises. It is perfect to take the active role on the battlefield. rangers and dragoons. Lets run through the units and then the strategies against each one. Thats why we’ve written this Forge of Empires Military Guide; to give you the upper hand in battle! It is decent, but, since ranged units don't necessarily have to be countered in this age, it is not very effective. It is the only melee unit of all Future Era units. Gets two skills: Heat (reduces attack of target by 20%) and Blast (gains attack bonus of 3 for each field closer to the target. At this point it is likely that the attackers will return by bringing rangers, dragoons, and musketeers, which will eventually see off our field guns. Gets the special ability Dug-in, receives defense bonus if the enemy is more than two tiles from away it. But if you don’t play to take part in the Early Middle Ages tournament, you can skip this step in its entirety. Our reasoning comes from the fact that Archers unleash significant damage to enemies  in the early stages of the game. High damage and added range, so it has enough range to keep out Heavy units and also Light units if there is the some rough terrain in the way. Many people will want to use them for this fact alone. It indirectly becomes more useful as a counter to fast units since fast units will be more common now. It also gains balanced stats and becomes at least equal to Ranged Units with shorter ranges.

Due to every unit except Fast having at least Range six, It is not as effective as previous Artillery Units, since it will soon die against melee attacks or at two spaces. It becomes very tanky and the Ranged Unit (short range) is not guaranteed to kill it in two hits. Yet again we are faced with the option to take place in the Ages Tournament. A big gap starts to form between its attack and its defense where before these values were more similar. For example, a Legionnaire will gain both an attack and defense bonus while fighting Light Unit Class units, such as a Soldier. *In update of version, the training time of Iron Age military units is decreased to 2 hours. This is all, unless you are trying to avoid giving PvP players battle points. Heavy Unit (23/33/1/12) Imperial Guard: The gap between defense and attack widens more. Artillery unit is best against ranged classes because they have the lowest defense. The added speed allows it to easily outmaneuver any unit. Fast Unit (75/65/10/28), IFV: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Modern Era.

Here, the attacker will probably never attack again, making this a formidable deterrent. Fast Unit (28/40/1/24) Dragoon: It has defense equivalent to the Heavy Units. If you want to simplify things, you can decide to remove your crossbowmen and only deploy Trebuchets. There will be a huge rise in its numbers and it will be very common, filling the slot of those deciding to use the Artillery against the huge defense of Trebuchets. The only way in which they can incur damage in forests, is if a unit stands immediately next to them and attacks. Two unattached Spearfighters are provided to the player in the opening quests.

Does not stack). It can help players practice with Artillery units. Same special ability as Cannon and Field Gun. By the end of Forge of Empires, most players will use a combination of longbow archers and cannons for their offense. The promising thing, is that almost no player will use 8 mounted archers as an offense – so we are protected along these lines. Gets two special abilities: Heat (reduces attack of target) and Blast (gains attack bonus for each field closer to the target and ignores stealth). At the beginning of the game, one is provided to the player for free.

*In update of version 1.06(24.7.2013), Industrial Age is implemented on all world.
Heavy Units It will hide on plains instead of forests.

Some classes gain bonuses against other classes, giving great advantage against them.

Fast Unit (45/50/9/26) Armored Car: Gets increases in all stats. ability. A barracks can train and hold two units after being built, but it has two more slots to be unlocked using coins and supplies. If you play Forge of Empires, you will know that your Forge of Empires Military Strategy is essential. To remove a unit from the defense, click on the blue helmet icon and then click on the defensive unit you want to remove from the defense and the blue border disappears. This unit changes the Artillery Class. This makes it nearly immune to ranged attacks and, since on forests it gains defense, it can face heavy units and win.

It is superior to almost every unit, including Berserkers and Knights (even Knights will be very vulnerable against Crossbowmen). The extra speed helps a lot to be able to charge both ranged units and artillery units. Heavy Unit (35/35/6/10) Howitzer: Attack +7, Defense -5, Range +4, Speed -1. To do this, click on the blue helmet icon and then click on the unit you want to set as part of the defense. It has the special ability stealth. How do I get more than 8 fighters in a battle? If it gets hit, it does not die if you have a non-Rogue unit. It takes no resources to train, but it takes 24 hours to train in a Rogue Hideout. So to reiterate our earlier point, our goal here is to annoy and deter an attack, not so much to completely defend. Unattached units can also be acquired through the Alcatraz. Artillery Unit (13/4/12/6) Cannon: Range -2. With as little as 8 archers in your offensive army, you can overcome the majority of foes in the PvE map.

Instead of focusing on tanking, it focuses on damage, mostly damage on Light Units.

These bonuses are often critical in deciding victory or defeat in a battle. But just bare this in mind when you come up against an army – if they do not have these units you should be ok.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'forgeofempirestips_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',131,'0','0'])); Now let’s turn to our Military Defense strategy, which is important and overlooked, but perhaps not as important as our offensive counterpart. Loses two special abilities: Rapid Deployment and Stealth. Unattached units can be acquired during the Guild Expeditions from Guild Expeditions Chests and Relics provided by the Temple of Relics, through the Daily Challenges and by completing quests. Fast Units The first unit of the Colonial Age that we will unlock will be the short-ranged unit: the Musketeers. Artillery Unit (160/140/20/6), Rail Gun: Gets increases in both attack and defense from Tomorrow Era. We have to remember that this is inevitable when a defense meets a higher-tiered offense. Movement stay the same and range is increased. Like this Forge of Empires Military guide? (always retaliate against attacks within range) and Dug-in (receives defense bonus if the enemy is more than two tiles away from it). This Artillery Unit has a shorter range than Ranged Units from the same age. This ranged unit has same range as Stone Thrower and Cannon. A light Unit can always act as a replacement for the previous age's heavy units. Due to this combination, their range of attack is only 2 tiles. For the most part, players adopt long-ranged units including Trebuchets and cannons into their offense. Gets the special ability Heat (reduces attack of target). Gets two special abilities: Close Quarters (gains attack bonus when attacking an adjacent field) and Stealth (hides on plains). When we compare to the Late Middle Age units, Colonial Age units are significantly stronger. It takes only seconds instead of minutes to build/heal. Understanding the above will help you determine what units are best to use when planning a military offense. Heavy Unit (120/105/12/20), Hover Tank: Gets increased range, but attack, defense and movement stay the same as Tomorrow Era. If partaking in the Bronze Age tournament, which is fully optional,  keep your barracks and slinger ranges. It is not nearly as durable as the melee units so it will be in every fight but not in super high numbers. Heavy Unit (8/13/1/11) Legionnaire: Heavy Unit gains a ton of defense, but, because of the more powerful ranged units, will not replace the soldier when engaging ranged units. Ranged Unit (30/30/12/18) Sniper: Ranged unit loses some attack damage and gains some defense damage.

Same special ability as Attack Helicopter. Military Offense is an essential component in your journey to Forge an Empire. The damage is nearly twice as much as an Iron Age Archer and defense is nearly 2.5x as much as an Iron Age Archer for those who stuck with them.

Forge of Empires Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This makes it impossible to target when on forests unless the attacking unit is next to it. They are slow, and are easily defeated by Musketeers and Field guns. Both range and movement are increased.

For this reason, Musketeers will form the backbone of our Colonial Age army. Loses Range, but movement stays the same. Loses the Blast ability. We must be aware that because they are melee units, they are most at risk from retaliation damage. These are heavier, and have the same movement as heavy knights.Ulitametly, they have the highest defense in the game and are therefore fantastic defensively.

With the Colonial Age and the heavy defense units, we are presented with an option to create almost undefeatable defenses. It is the perfect replacement for light units since they will not get much trouble from ranged units in this age. Even the Heavy Infantry is not able to defend against it. Gets the special ability Rapid Deployment (starts the battle in a random field on the map, acts before any other unit).

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