honda odyssey key with exclamation point

I have a Honda civic 67 plate courtesy car it’s showing a amber spanner and a amber arrow and a amber car what does this mean … Thanks. look to the left of your steering wheel there is a button that says VSA push it and see if it turns it off. Low tire pressure will have what looks like a tire- flat. Thank you. Malfunction indicators are typically red or amber in color and should be taken seriously. I turned off the Tire pressure warning light, but a weird thing appeared. I can not find it in the manual anywhere. What does the yellow sirn on the dashboard CBTA mean? Why are there so many problems cited on this blog and no replies? Just guessing here, but wouldn't that be the 'Hazard and is this something I should worry about and take it back to the dealer where we purchased the vehicle? There is a wrench light on and I don’t know what it means. Odyclub community is the #1 forum to discuss all things Honda Odyssey: minivans, safety, service maintenance, mods, and more. I have a 2017 HRV EX, and the last couple of days I have seen a white round circle show up next to the ECCO and Water light and I’m not finding what this is. Now they come on when the car is started. I had oil changed on my CRV 2 weeks ago. Give us a call and we’ll give you all the information you need. My dashboard is all lit up. I have a 2005 honda pilot and my airbag light came on will it deploy if I keep driving it, My engine light came on a couple of days ago I don’t hear any strange sounlds what could it be I have a cry 2013 thanks, Blue light on to right of sun window controls-stays on-, I have Honda Civic FD3 i cant understand triplight mean in honda civic 1.8 model 2017 Is this the car going into some kind of power saving mode? They all came on same time. The battery shaped box lights up in red in my Honda ’95 Civic. How do we know when the battery on our 1.3 2016 model is low.? By the time I looked down which was about 2 seconds the light turned off. From this morning I get a spanner with the letters HMMF. Please give me possible reasons for this issue. What could this be? I also have to change the oil at -305 (flashing)? What does the B35 indictor light mean on a 2006 Honda Odyssey mean? Lights'? You can skip to the end and leave a response. What does the symbol Cal. I just bought the vehicle 2 days ago. When I stop with my foot on the break, the car feels like it is going to shut down and I get a green indicator with a semi circle around it. Oil life 10% came on and I changed the oil and filter, the oil life 10% remain unchanged. Where is the D4 indicator light showing me the vehicle is in D4 mode on 2018 Ridgeline? Can you help . It’s a 2009 Honda CRV. Owners manual doesn’t show this indicator, I have a 2019 Honda Accord. I have a brand new 2020 pilot. I have 2012 Honda CRV and an amber light, 3 with circle around it on dash at left of odometer. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? How do I reset the tire pressure light on my son’s 2007 CRV? Home » Honda Insight » What do Honda’s dashboard warning lights mean? cell nmbr 03455465462, I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey I have a motor engine light that came on what could that be. If one of these lights comes on and stays on, your vehicle may be in need of some attention. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? My Honda Insight – 2009 has done 75000 km. I don’t have an owner’s manual. I still have 3/4 tank left. The yellow light (smart) what us that. Instrument indicator lite right side between trip mileage and fuel gauge keeps blinking. The first time I drove it an orange light flashed across the ‘information circle’ on the dashboard with a large black logo, a bit like the steering wheel logo but without the exclamation mark, accompanied by a high pitched beeping sound. I have no idea what the light said. I have a 2014 crv with 5 lights on anti lock brake,vehicle stability,all wheel drive,electric power steering,and low tire pressure. JavaScript is disabled. Our team at Matt Castrucci Honda never wants you to feel overwhelmed, so we’re filling you in on what Honda’s dashboard warning lights look like and what they mean. reqd.” warning light for my 2003 Honda Pilot has just started luminating? Started my car earlier. What does an i with a circle around it mean? It is a round light just below the econ (green tree) light and above the water temperature light. slippery light, engine block and TSA light showing on instrument panel. Thank you, 2012 Honda Civic Hatch seat belt sensors keeps going off and information with screen keeps flickering, I have one check light on on my dadhboard its showing the sign of a spanner on the dashboard. Do I need to take it to the dealer…. Has anyone ever seen this. I have a 2015 Honda CRV and the red Brake (parking) light, yellow Tire Pressure Monitoring System, VSA, and Electric Power Steering lights come on.

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