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Apart from that, great acting by Tisca Chopra. Neta threatens to kill Netser if he doesn't help her find out who is behind Shira's kidnapping. When four masked men violently break into the Danon family home taking them hostage, the family of four will be shaken to the core and their lives changed forever. .rdy1 {

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Adam tries to get to a small notebook that Moni left for him where he hopes to find answers regarding the identity of his daughter's kidnappers.

Looking for something to watch? $(function () { Mateus Ward spielte die Rolle von Jake Sanders in der Serie Hostages von 2013 bis 2014. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Morgan Sanders (Quinn Shephard) Morgan ist die Tochter der Familie Sanders. Yonatan is hit by a passing car trying to cross the road. She understands that Adam needs the Prime Minister for his bone marrow to save his wife.

She succeeds in setting the surgery to take place in four days time. The story through the eyes of Himmat Singh is based on the inspiration was taken from Nineteen Years of nationally significant events, several espionage missions were undertaken by India in the last two decades. Adam threatens Yael that if the surgery doesn't take place soon, something bad will happen to her family. Will she take a life or save lives? Staffel der Fantasyserie, Neu auf Blu-Ray und DVD: Game of Thrones, The Good Doctor, El Camino, Diese Apple TV+ Serien sind derzeit kostenlos zu bingen, Netflix lizenziert weiter koreanische Serien, Outlander: Staffel 4 online im Stream und TV, 4 Blocks: Staffel 2 online im Stream und TV, Star Trek - Discovery: People of Earth - Review, Top of the Week: Die Highlights der Serienwoche, Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen. Even if he manages to extricate them from the trouble they're in, he will discover that the real troubles await him outside. }, Orna is suspicious regarding Amsalem's involvement in the hostage situation.

background-image: url('//'); Police forces are planning to break into the compound. Yonatan, Noa's soldier boyfriend, manages to infiltrate the house, but is overpowered by the kidnappers during a struggle, causing a firearm to accidentally discharge a bullet, striking Eyal in the chest as his family looks on in horror. Title: target: '#sjrating-target', Zohar escapes from the secret service offices. The night before the operation, four masked strangers break into her home, hold her family hostage and order her ... After delaying the surgery, Mira finds herself under suspicion from her old mentor. Der Schauspieler Billy Brown spielte die Rolle von Archer Petit in der Serie Hostages von 2013 bis 2014. Sandrine Renault (Sandrine Holt) Maria ist erst in letzter Sekunde zum Geiselnehmerteam gestoßen. Hostages war eine US-Serie über eine Chirurgin, die in eine politische Verschwörung gerät und ihre Familie aus der Geiselhaft retten muss. She infiltrates his home and discovers medical documents in the name of Neta Rubin, Adam's wife. Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott) Bei Duncan handelt es sich um einen rechtschaffenen FBI-Agenten, der sich ebenfalls mitten im Zentrum der Verschwörung befindet, von der die Chirurgin Ellen (Toni Collette) heimgesucht wird. Ben sets an ultimatum for Adam – Netser for Shira. A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. Yael, a surgeon, is scheduled to operate on Prime Minister Shmuel Netzer tomorrow morning. Pushed into a do-or-die situation, Dr. Mira Anand has to make a choice. A plane is discovered to have recently crashed in West Bengal. Er verfügt offenbar über einen militärischen Hintergrund und zeichnet sich durch einen sehr kurzen Geduldsfaden aus. if (data == 1) { Hostages - Season 1: Betrayal - Mira doesn't know whom to trust, especially after she discovers the truth about Sanjay. 3 of 4 people found this review helpful. When the lead kidnapper removes his mask, we discover Adam Rubin, a counter-terrorist unit officer. Sie gerät mitten in eine politische Verschwörung, als ihre Familie als Geisel genommen wird. Ellen Sanders (Toni Colette) Ellen ist eine erfolgreiche Chirurgin, die in Washington, D.C. lebt und das Angebot annimmt, für den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten zu arbeiten. Daher stellt sie für die Entführer eine unbekannte Größe dar. Yael threatens her boss that she will reveal his infidelities when he discovers that she disrupted the surgery. Adam and Yael go to the hospital where the wounded Yonatan was taken. }); Doch nun hat ihn sein Immobiliengeschäft in die roten Zahlen gebracht.

Yael returns home and refuses Yonatan's proposal to escape from the home that night. In the hospital, Yael discovers that Neta Rubin's medical file has recently been deleted from hospital records. Hostages has yet to be renewed for a third season. Noa suffers from morning sickness but doesn't reveal why. Neta's medical condition continues to deteriorate. Rollenbeschreibungen und die Darsteller der Serie «Hostages».

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Arthur interviews a famous Sheik and one of the most wanted terrorists from the West Bank. Adam, Guy, Assaf, Noa, and Eyal are tied up. Zion starts losing patience and decides to leave the compound. After discussing with her friend, she thought she might ... See full summary ». Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. An edgy one night stand turns into a nightmare for Aditya, when he wakes up with blood on his hands. Zinger receives a surprise visit from Ben, Lydia's emissary. Noa manages to evade the kidnappers and contacts Giora who picks her up at a gas station in his car. When she finds out that Eyal lost their home and life savings due to bad stock investments and made it possible for the kidnappers to enter the house for money, she changes her mind and lets Yonatan escape with her children. Netser asks him to release him in return for a full pardon. Stanislav begins the process of transplanting Neta with the Prime Minister's bone marrow. $('#sjrating').raty({ ; Ellen, gespielt von Toni Collette (United States of Tara), eine erfolgreiche Chirurgin, die in Washington, D.C. lebt, nimmt das Angebot an, für den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten zu arbeiten. Adam discovers what Yael has done and makes it clear to her that if she goes against him one more time, the next to die will be one of her children. Adam asks two friends from the past to help him with the abduction he is planning. Alex takes control of the house, shoots Guy and manages to overpower Adam too. Yael tries to change the horrible situation and slips the Prime Minister a pill to disrupt his system and delays the surgery for a limited time.

span#sjrating-target { Adam Rubin, an accomplished SWAT officer who has abducted the Prime Minister in order to save his wife's life, finds himself in the midst of a hostage situation, but this time it is him surrounded by large police forces, among them some of his best friends. This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 20:31. The mysteriously masked men demand that Yael, the matriarch of this family and brilliant surgeon, kill the prime minister in what’s meant to be a routine surgery. Zohar from the Secret Service suspects that Moni was not just killed accidentally. Zohar discovers the Regent Corps conspiracy. The family fails in an attempt to escape under the cover of darkness. Yael follows him to a small apartment where she finds Neta Rubin, Adam's wife, on a stretcher dying from leukemia. Archer Petit (Billy Brown) Bei Archer handelt es sich um den Anführer der Geiselnehmer. Assaf falters and is caught. Ben tries to get Adam's plan out of Sarah. .rdy2 { Add the first question.

Adam gets a phone call from someone warning him that their plot has been discovered, and he sets off to clean up anything outside that might tie them to the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Aditya hatches out a plan to escape with … During Eyal's treatment, there is a moment of intimacy between Adam and Yael. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. The tension between the family members grows. Die Schauspielerin Sandrine Holt spielte die Rolle von Sandrine Renault in der Serie Hostages von 2013 bis 2014. background-image: url('//'); Ben follows Sarah. Is he guilty or not ? Adam breaks down and releases the family. Zion takes matter into his hands and releases Netser. James Naughton spielte die Rolle von President Paul Kincaid in der Serie Hostages von 2013 bis 2014. } else {

However, what is so baffling about the incident is that plane originally went missing 35 years ago. Four masked men take control of her home and family and order Yael to kill the Prime Minister on the operating table tomorrow, or they will kill her family. font-weight: bold; Adam searches for a getaway route out of the Yeshiva. Four masked men break into the Anand family home, taking them hostage. Er scheint in die Verschwörung im Umfeld von Ellen involviert zu sein und stellt somit Duncans Loyalität auf die Probe, was für diesen naturgemäß zu größeren Komplikationen führt. Adam succeeds in getting rid of the policemen who come to the house and beats Alex for abusing Yonatan.

The evidence is stacked against him, but he doesn't remember the grisly crime. Alex and Guy chase Noa, Assaf and Yonatan in the woods near the house. Dadurch gerät sie mitten in eine politische Verschwörung, ihre Familie wird als Geisel genommen. $.get("/community/vote/serien/1154/" + score + "/").done(function (data) { starOff: 'star-off-big.png', top: -5px; Nun liegt es an ihr, ihren Mann und ihre Kinder zu retten. At the hospital, Yael sneaks out of Yonatan's surgery and finds the security camera tapes of a morgue employee who was the one that deleted Neta Rubin's file. Rudra Srivastava, a senior inspector with Uttarakhand police is lured into kidnapping a young girl at her request. Rhys Coiro (Entourage) schlüpft in die Rolle von Duncans Schwager Kramer Carlisle. Der Schauspieler Tate Donovan spielte die Rolle von Brian Sanders in der Serie Hostages von 2013 bis 2014. Adam and Amsalem confront each other in the tunnel. She asks Noa to get in touch with the Prime Minister's head of security, Giora. One time watch.

Jake Sanders (Mateus Ward) Jake ist der Sohn von Ellen (Toni Collette) und Brian Sanders (Tate Donovan). Der Schauspieler Dylan McDermott spielte die Rolle von Duncan Carlisle in der Serie Hostages von 2013 bis 2014. Adam prevents Giora from hurting her and takes her home. .rdy3 { Spoil Me: The Boys, Supernatural, Chicago Fire, Devious Maids: Eddie Hassell mit 30 Jahren gestorben, His Dark Materials: Ausführlicher Trailer zur 2. Alex and Guy set out to try and find the escapees in the woods. Adam, together with Guy and Amsalem makes a complex plan to extricate the Prime Minister from inside.

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