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Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah of The Originals may have been born in the 10th century, but they are anything but traditional when it comes to what they wear. They come to an agreement. You can tell the love of your life to leave because you need to process that said love of your life slept with the guy who enslaved you, slaughtered your friends and killed your last living family member, but she won’t listen (because she’s sick of getting called out on her bs!). After dark, Rebekah and Marcel are still trapped. In Save My Soul, Rebekah wakes up in Marcel's apartment to yelling coming from outside of the window.

13. Later, while Rebekah was sleeping at Marcel's home, Eva somehow regained control of her body and woke up. Rebekah explains Klaus' habit of torturing his siblings on a whim or whenever they disappoint him. Later, Rebekah is talking to April, who tells her that she can't just make her prom queen and that Rebekah can't compel her because she now drinks vervain tea. Elijah then ends the conversation with saying that their brother must be in trouble when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to find out why. Klaus, Kol and Rebekah arrive at the bell tower, but don't find Finn there.

“The show is over. Rebekah is well known for wanting to be human again. Apparently, the vision said that the baby would bring about death to all the witches, and there's a faction of witches out there who will stop at nothing to get rid of the baby. Supernatural information Mikaelson/Original Male Character, Rebekah Mikaelson/Marcel Gerard, Rebekah Marcel agrees but also points out that Rebekah couldn't take her eyes off of it. Hayley asks Rebekah why she doesn't just go confront Marcel about Elijah and she tells her that Klaus would kill her. Just like their personalities, Mikaelson siblings share a fierce yet charming style, never failing to turn heads. "Why are my least favorite people always the most durable?"

He said leaving me with her.

Rebekah gives the girl her apple, tells her to enjoy herself and leaves. 14. Rebekah tells them that Freya might be lying, but she felt too familiar. Look online for other peoples’ vampire cosplays.

Marcel asks how long are they supposed to put their lives on hold waiting on her family, but Marcel never truly left New Orleans behind. Greeting Elijah and explaining that she knows she will need to return Hope to Hayley eventually. Rebekah and Caroline stab Alaric with the White Oak Stake. Hope's brown open back moto jacket on The Originals.

Rebekah, knowing what is about to happen, also hugs goodbye to Elijah.

She jokes that maybe he will grant them some reprieve to enjoy the day — she believes that he will listen if she herself asks him. Rebekah puts up a fight but Klaus gets the upper hand. Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah have discussion about Freya. By the end of the episode, Rebekah finds out that Klaus was the one who killed Esther not Mikael and she bursts into tears and accepts that her brother she loved could do something like this. In City Beneath The Sea, Marcel drags Rebekah into the Saint James Infirmary in order to keep her and the eight teenage witches that are linked to her, safe. Two envelopes, one reads "if you say yes" and the other "if you say no." She made sure of that, knowing where to stab so that she wouldn't. After the fire, Marcel asks if Rebekah is alright, and she sarcastically remarks that he knows she loves to blow things up. YouTube 6:13. Freya and Rebekah look for their keys, and Rebekah reveals that she has always been jealous of Hayley, perhaps even jealous that she's dead. 2 views four years ago. She tells her to be careful and that she loves her niece very much. You can never attend a highschool dance if your name is Rebekah Mikaelson.

Include things like safety pins, tape, makeup for touch-ups, hairpins or hairspray, and a storage case for your fangs. Matt tells her to ignore Alexander and asks her what she will do after graduation. Good. Rebekah does mourn Mikael's death and show sympathy towards Freya's grief and even some anger at Klaus for killing him.

Klaus is sitting up high in the cemetery, giving Rebekah a trial. Also, she tells him, that they didn't care in the 1922, they did what felt good. And if he Had to fight back; this would not end well for Sam.

Rebekah reveals that she has been avoiding him, but Marcel questions why Kol can be happy, but she cant. Soon after that, Rebekah visits Kol's old playhouse, seeking out Davina's help regarding the strange dreams she's been having. When she turns away, the door opens itself and she quickly walks through it.

For your Drusilla cosplay, you could either choose a specific outfit worn during a memorable episode, or you could create an outfit that represents her overall style of dressing. Now Klaus has to clean up after Rebekah's mess. “You believe I would do that?” Her eyes bore into Sam whose eyes dropped to the floor and he slowly shook his head. "Wow look at the time I have to go see what Stefan wants I'll be back." It was later confirmed that she is the youngest Original vampire. Then Rebekah tried dagger Kol and threaten him, they both looked terribly upset, but obviously her attempt angered Kol and he almost killed her; but Klaus saved her. Rebekah is angry at him for his betrayal, telling him that she won't help him until she's back into her body.

Klaus admits to Rebekah that he gave Elijah to Marcel. She tells Elijah that she thinks someone stole the power during harvest ritual and that she would like to know who so she could make them her allies. “He’s my friend, Temis!

Though Elijah initially refused, he eventually gave in and neutralized her before hiding her body in a safe place in the meantime. Rebekah and Elijah leave together. Rebekah and Elijah agree with it and they go to the bayou to stop all the vampires who have joined the wolf hunt. Although being inferior to her brother Klaus, Rebekah has been shown on many occasions to stand up to him without fear, however, she has been easily subdued by Klaus on many occasions. Rebekah soon realizes that they are not strong enough to win and begs Marcel to pick it up so Klaus will let him live. Later on during the night Rebekah took control of her body again although not before Eva dumped her latest victim into a abandoned warehouse. Elijah is Rebekah's older brother. Klaus walks in and Elijah walks right in behind him. When night fell, the gang makes camp for the night. He then stakes her with White Oak Ash Dagger. He introduces her to Davina, an incredibly powerful witch who invites her in. She later confirmed this decision again in Exquisite Corpse after Eva temporarily regained control over her body and used it to attempt to complete the Rite of Nines using the children Eva had kidnapped and channeled both prior to her imprisonment and afterward; because Rebekah's spirit was the only thing keeping Eva's body alive, and because the eight teenage witches, including Davina Claire, were still linked to Eva's body, Rebekah's return to her true body would cause them to die as well, a fate that Rebekah did not want for them. When Rebekah is at school and doing a flip for the cheer-leading squad, sees Elena and ask what she wants. Hello, my lovely readers. Rebekah says Klaus wouldn't give up the sword as he was terrified the cure would be used against him, however Caroline says she would find the sword as Klaus is still trapped in the Gilbert living room. Apparently you need his tombstone and dozens to die in a blood sacrifice. She answers that no one has ever gotten out of the house alive. She went out into the witch marketplace and attacked a young witch who was in the alley with her boyfriend. For instance, if you have short hair you could use a flat iron and volumizing mousse to recreate Alice’s spikey bob in. He accuses Rebekah of waiting on a better offer. When Klaus almost has Jeremy and Alaric killed, Elena makes a deal with Klaus to ensure Jeremy's safety. She couldn't believe that Stefan was still protecting Elena.

Rebekah has subdued almost every non-Original vampire she has encountered. Sophie refuses, telling Rebekah that doing magic is punishable by death, Marcel's rules. She is the only Original vampire who wanted to take, Rebekah was indirectly responsible for the death of.

First seen

After rising from the dead, Rebekah is delighted to see Stefan again, but is furious after she is unable to find her necklace. Over time, the Mikaelsons were adjusted to the French court ways, and Rebekah quickly befriended the count's daughter, Aurora de Martel. In the end of the episode there is flashback about Rebekah's and Marcel's past, which reveals that Marcel was the one who first asked Papa Tunde to come to New Orleans as he hoped that it will distract Klaus from his relationship with Rebekah. Rehearse how you’d act if exposed to direct sunlight. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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Once Rebekah and Hayley arrive to the safe house Hayley says that she is going to throw a party for her clan. Rebekah listens to Ayana's conversation with her parents. References Elijah Mikaelson est un vampire Originel.

Rebekah enters Klaus' home and is met by Hayley. Can I still listen to Panic At The Disco as a vampire?

But, he's going to stick by Marcel's side until Marcel tells him everything about Davina, then he will have her. In an effort to get Rebekah to lower her guard, Esther tells Rebekah that she is dying. Feeling guilty for the pain she had caused him, Rebekah treated him with extra kindness for weeks afterward to make up for it, though Klaus would not learn the truth about Rebekah's involvement until many centuries later. In her dreams, she is her child self and running from Eva, with the two of them mentally fighting for control over the body. She never craves their blood in the beginning, it’s a slow process that happens, but once it begins its downhill from there.

She tells his sister that after promising her and the baby protection, he just took off, according to Klaus.

However, after Dahlia was defeated, Rebekah's sister Freya healed Eva's body so that Rebekah could return to it and continue her work in bringing Kol back from the dead. Elijah un-daggers Rebekah, who then stabs Klaus with one of the daggers. She hands out flyers and goes into History class, Alaric's old classroom. After the spell is finally lifted, she told Elijah she was leaving. She believes that Kol isn't lying, because he never did that as a child. "People believed me that I was a vampire and somebody found my vampire diary and they said they won't tell! Matt assures her that he won't tell anybody about what she did. Damon suddenly grabs her and an arrow is embedded in her back, by the onlooking Vaughn.

When she is at the location where she was going to meet with the witch she finds the spell but the witch shows up and traps Rebekah. See more ideas about Aphrodite, 공주 and 보석 Klaus, Kol et Rebekah dirigent un bar/restaurant (un peu dans le style du Mystic Grill), pendant que Finn et Elijah s'occupent de la galerie d'art où sont exposées les peintures de Klaus. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Rebekah points out that for someone who claims to not want his child, his actions speak louder than his words. She then becomes angry and dares Klaus to dagger her and then he stabs her with the dagger neutralizing her. Rebekah arrives at The abattoir and greets Klaus, telling him that he wouldn't believe the week she had. Nik has no tolerance for those who disappoint him".

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