jc whitney tractor parts

Hope the product I just ordered will get here on time.

I remember as a kid being told that if you had a Model T engine block and frame, you could build a whole damn running car out of a JCW catalog. This predatesthe 3rd brake light mandated in 1986. . As Tom said about Whitney dropping the actual auto parts they were known for, RS dropped all the large product lines they used to have. OTOH, one of the better known financial institutions in Pittsburgh is called…..Northwest Savings Bank…? Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders.

Does anybody else remember this catalogue? JC Whitney supplied many parts for my Little British Cars. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I was given a broken gas station pneumatic tire machine 35 years ago.

I collected baseball cards at the time, where in Canada we had O-Pee-Chee reprinting US Topps baseball cards.

The oil crisis that hit the U.S. in the 1970s and growing concern over air pollution hit the automotive industry hard. Radio Shack started to decline when they deemphasized the electronic hobbyist market and just became a dealer in Wally World level junk. Driver And Passenger Side, Inner And Outer, Diamond Design, Driver and Passenger Side Turn Signal Light, Without bulb(s), Diamond Design, Driver and Passenger Side Turn Signal Light, With bulb(s), Driver and Passenger Side Turn Signal Light, With bulb(s), Notes : With roll over valve hole; With lock ring, Fuel Tank and Fuel Sending Unit Kit - Direct Fit, Components : (1) Fuel Sending Unit, and (1) Fuel Tank, Notes : Without roll over valve hole; With lock ring, Fuel Tank, 24.5 gallons / 93 liters - 2WD, Short Bed, Side Mount, Notes : With lock ring; Without seal(s) and fillers, Fuel Tank and Fuel Tank Strap Kit - Direct Fit, Components : (1) Fuel Tank, and (2) Fuel Tank Straps, Notes : With lock ring and pan in tank; Without seal(s) and fillers, Fuel Tank and Fuel Pump Kit - Electric, Direct Fit, Components : (1) Fuel Pump, and (1) Fuel Tank, Fuel Tank, 25 gallons / 95 liters - Mounts Ahead of Rear Axle, Short/Long Bed, Page 1 of 68 | Showing 1 - 15 of 1020 results, JC Whitney® Fuel Tank, 17.2 gallons / 65 liters, Perfect fit! As sales continue to dwindle, Riverside decided to sell the brand while it was still profitable. What really killed it for me was the shipping cost, it was just too expensive for a small purchase order. Not to mention the high probability that cutting into wires to add stuff like Winky the Cat would invariably short-out brake/taillights in the process. The brand features its own line of automotive replacement parts, starting from Jeep and truck parts, and later on expanding to classic car accessories. We set up a network of installation shops (similar to what Tire Rack does), where the customer could pay for installation along with the product, and we would ship the parts directly to the installer. Indeed, with their eclectic product mix and low-budget outré, JC Whitney had something for everyone, and was able to bridge several otherwise non-overlapping automotive subgenres: All were welcome under the JC Whitney tent, where truly there was something for everyone. (I also worked at a RS for a while in the 80s!). I read that catalog from cover to cover, especially enjoyed the VW page or two since I had a ’63 bug and later a ’66 van/camper. Even though there was a sticker on the cover, loudly proclaiming, “This is your last one!” if you didn’t order something right away, they just kept coming and coming. Kind of like when the UK’s Office of Government Commerce unveiled their new logo, and thirty seconds later someone rotated it 90 degrees…. & Generator Service, LLC, Enter Part#, Model# or Category - Type at least 3 characters to get started. Seems to me the only things I bought from JCW were seat belts! .

Visit our site to shop our selection of dune buggy, VW Beetle and sand rail parts today! First, go to the JC Whitney website. The most recent “Warshawsky” catalog I could find on eBay was 1981’s; Tom, can you shed any more light on how long (and in what ways) “Warshawsky” continued as a thing? I can remember their catalogs were even for sale at many book stores. What a blast down memory lane!

Largely because I thought it was funny. Maybe they thought cheap Cdn customers weren’t worth it to inundate with paper! The spiritual successor to JC Whitney in some ways is Harbor Freight.

Same tacky vibe with the HF catalogs today.

-Nate. Alongside the success that automobiles were seeing, the need for a new kind of service also became inevitable. . I ordered parts from them for my old VWs if they were cheaper than going to Stinger Sam, the local cheap auto parts store.


Auto parts salvage yards emerged to cope with the growing demand for replacement parts. I always wanted that rope start thing for my old VW Beetle…. Arrived on time and at a Great Price.

There have been a couple of recent articles where many comments have sung the praises of CC, and this is one of the more prescient. The point is, even though the subject matter might not seem that interesting, good writing can go a long way to overcoming that and involving an otherwise indifferent reader. In the following decades, JC Whitney catalogs and their small print descriptions and line art drawings of the items on sale became a staple in garages and auto body shops across the United States. Aside from my automotive and true crime/serial killer reading, financial stories and crimes rank right up there on my list of interests. …makes me want to buy an old Bug and fix it up…. JC Whitney, on the other hand, spent virtually nothing on branding, and as a result, it was quickly becoming an aging brand among the likes Ovaltine or Prell. There are a few steps to take to access the JC Whitney website and its e-catalogs. Didnt know I wasn’t ordering from jc whitney. Loved the catalogs but knew most of the little stuff was junk. Well written article! As long as the tool doesn’t injure you and last for the one job, it’s good dollar value IMO .

Install Pro – While Whitney long catered to the DIY (Do It Yourself) market, we thought we could carve out a new niche in the DIFM market (Do It For Me). Common tune-up procedures for a lawn mower including replacing/cleaning the air filter, spark plug, changing the oil, installing sharp mower blades, cleaning the deck, and other quick maintenance tasks. The 2 catalogs were identical, as far as the merchandise, text, etc, but the Warshawsky catalog was always a little cheaper for every item. Stay tuned for new product launches. If you ever so much as glanced at anything from JC Witless or uttered their name, they would stuff your mailbox and snow you under with cattledogs—each of which had numerous blow-in cards offering a subscription to their cattledog (for a dollar, in the ’80s…donno the historicities of that price).

The site has been updated in the background. By empowering drivers to fix their cars themselves, JC Whitney established its legacy as a trusted brand for automotive parts. I had a pretty good FM converter​ (from Radio Shack ?) I always remember the disdain that people in my hometown had for JC Whitney. At this point, JC Whitney was no longer a family-owned company, but for the time being was still Chicago-based. You can also buy them with or without light bulbs, in single pieces, or in sets of two and four at prices anywhere between $46 and $807.

I never did identify what this critter was under the trunk floor panels of an ol’ BMW 2002?

Here at JC Whitney we are proud to say that we carry Truxedo.

We moved into fancy new digs on the top floor at the corner of Michigan and Wacker Drive, right at the doorstep of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. JC Whitney was never a big phenomena in Canada. A similar concept applies to the core business of any company, which in Whitney’s case was its core auto parts business. Car and home audio, video, burglar alarms, computers, PA equipment all gone. Radio Shack started to decline when they deemphasized the electronic hobbyist market and just became a dealer in Wally World level junk. We spent enormous sums of energy looking at many potential business acquisitions, ultimately without consummating a single deal.

The worst were always from the deep South for some reason often taking multiple cans of bug bombs and close to a year of airing out after thorough cleaning before beginning the make run again attack . It depends upon where you live.

Indeed, the most common reaction I got from people when I told them I worked at JC Whitney fell into two categories: “My Dad used to buy from you,” and “You guys are still around?” Not the kind of word association you want for your brand. Skip about a decade to three-point belts, first for a ’72 IHC pickup, then for a ’60 Falcon four-door. The model and serial number information is usually printed on a label/sticker or stamped onto the mower. People used to put up with a lot back in the day! :-), JC Whitney® Driver and Passenger Side Turn Signal Light, With bulb(s), JC Whitney® Fuel Tank and Fuel Sending Unit Kit - Direct Fit, I have it on . As I recall, it was about 10% less. With careful debt management, the company eventually recovered in the following decade, in part because of the rise of cheaper but more profitable aftermarket parts. As an alternative, the JC Whitney website offers free electronic versions of the catalogs, or e-catalogs, for the automobile brand Jeep as well as the specialty segment Truck. Those parts were of good quality, fairly priced and shipped to your door. Riverside acquired my employer, truck accessory catalog company Stylin Concepts and shoved us together in a shotgun marriage. I don’t think I ever paid sales tax when I ordered. The one has been in 3 different vehicles and just about a year ago I moved it to my current E-series where it still gets the job done. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, JC Whitney: The Rise and Fall of an Automotive Icon, Dealer Classic: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z – “Ten With A Two”.

Closely related to SWAG… Stupid Wild Ass Guess . They were extremely thin aluminum so I treated them gingerly, but the high polish finish looked really great. Visitors who wish to purchase any of JC Whitney’s offerings have to go to the page of the specific item, add it to their cart and pay for the item on checkout. Every time she would throw a curled up pages catalog away; a new one would appear a few days later. Where is my model number? Although JC Whitney was more widely known, there was also the identical Warshawsky & Co. catalog. Autobiography: Confessions of a J. C. Whitney Abuser -The iPhone of its Time, or How to MM in Five Easy Steps, https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hcc/2006/10/Roy-Warshawsky/1351501.html, http://multichannelmerchant.com/news/j-c-whitney-sold-01082002/. JC Whitney no longer prints its iconic mail-order catalog of automotive parts and accessories, according to its website. Whether these gimmicks worked or not was almost beside the point. 1-16 of 58 results for "Jc Whitney Auto Parts" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime.

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