name the sahaba who were left behind in the battle of tabuk

The effect of such propaganda was to the point that in order to thwart it, 'Ali (a) met the Prophet (s) in Jurf, somewhere near Median, and the Prophet (s) told him a phrase according to which, the kind of relation between the Prophet (s) and 'Ali (a) is that of between Moses and Aaron, with the exception that there will not be any prophethood after the Prophet Muhammad (s). The idea still played in my mind that I would take a day or two to get ready and overtake the group. By Allah, O Messenger of Allah, we know nothing about him but good.” The Messenger of Allah. Forefront troops had already camped in Balqa', northern Tabuk; and the Roman king was in Homs. It was the largest Muslim army ever to set forth on an expedition. Conquest of Mecca As I entered the masjid, the people in the audience of Nabi SAW ran to congratulate me. By Allah, had I sat before any person from among the inhabitants of this world other than you, I would have avoided his anger with a false excuse, given that, by Allah, I have been gifted with the power of speaking fluently and eloquently. Any man who intended to be absent from that battle thought that the matter would remain hidden unless Allah The Almighty revealed it through Divine Revelation.

: 1304 141950, Albaraka – Kingsmead (800 000): It  really was Abu Khaythamah Al-Ansaari, may Allah be pleased with him, who gave in charity a Saa‘ [handful] of dates and thereby was exposed to the censure of the hypocrites. The Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah set out for Tabuk with 30,000 men from Madinah. He said to me: “What detained you from joining us. I dressed up by borrowing clothes from some friend and went to Nabi SAW. Keep a portion with you.’ I agreed to keep my share of the booty that fell in our hands in the Battle of Khaibar.”, Hadhrat Ka’ab says: “It is the truth that had brought me salvation, and as such I am determined to speak nothing but the truth in the future.” The above story brings out the following outstanding characteristics of the Muslims of that time:—. Companions of the Prophet (s), Bi'tha Account no: 78600220178. Kenfield Park Battle of Hunayn Now, when I came to look at the people left behind, I realized that there was no one in Madinah except those who had been condemned as Munaafiqeen or had been specially allowed to stay behind for certain reasons. : 786001 926 31, ZAKAAT DONATIONS His words and his action at that time are a testimony to the strong faith in his heart. “Once, I was passing through a street of Madinah, when I noticed a Coptic Christian, who had come from Syria to sell his grain, inquiring about Kaab-bin-Malik. Battle of Uhud Names of the Muslims killed.

Box 19551, Hadhrat Ka’ab was so much perturbed when he received the letter from the Christian King, inciting him against Nabi SAW. "[24], When the camel of Prophet Muhammad (s) was lost on the way, some people satirically said, Prophet (s) who tell us about 'Ilm al-ghayb, is not aware of the location of his camel. We will allow Ka‘b bin Maalik himself, may Allah be pleased with him, to narrate the story; he said, The Story of the Three Who were Left Behind - II, Now the disbelievers launched a full-scale attack and the Muslim troops also moved forward to face their enemies.

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The gardens of Madinah were full of fruit. Acc. They themselves did not go and they encouraged others not to go as well. Account No. By Allah!, Finance Department : It seemed as if I was living in a strange land altogether. The supplication of the Messenger of Allah to Allah to forgive you would have been sufficient for you.” By Allah, they continued rebuking me so much that I intended to return [to the Prophet, They mentioned two pious men who had attended the Battle of Badr and in whom there was an example for me. He accepted their excuses entrusting the matter to Allah (.Just then I came and greeted him with ‘salaam’.

It read: ‘We have come to know that your master has ill-treated you. He says: “I had never been so well off financially as I was at the time of Tabuk. The military expedition to Tabuk and its related verses (mainly in Sura al-Tawba) exposed the Munafiqun, their activities and subversive plans and had a great role in later spread of Islam through Arabian peninsula. One after the other, good excuses entered my mind and I was sure that I could escape Nabi SAW wrath with one of them for the time being, and later on pray for Allah’s forgiveness. When the people pointed me out to him, he came and made over a letter to me from the Christian King of Ghassan. [5] It can be assumed that the great emphasis on going to this military expedition had been more a tactic of the Prophet (s) to expose some of Munafiqun and the reality behind their activities in Medina, than a response to a Roman threat.

I was struck with grief and remorse.

Incident of Saqifa, Mecca If I go away from him, he will die. It took place During Rajab and Sha'ban of the 9/630 in the region of Tabuk. Telephone: + 27 (0) 31 207 7099 (3) Their strong faith. Account No. Gabriel brought news to Prophet Muhammad (s) and informed him about the location of his camel. South Africa, Fatwa Department : Hadhrat Ka’ab continues: “Under the instructions of Nabi SAW, the Sahabah completely boycotted us. God informed the Prophet (s) and he told Hudhayfa and 'Ammar b. Yasir to accompany him. Durban CBD Name: Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) They were not hypocrites, even when the king of Ghassanid sent them a letter to inform them about plans of Muslims' oppositions about them, they became irritated. As the Prophet (s) was heading toward Tabuk to fight Romans, some of the companions, specifically Munafiqun (hypocrites), refused to join the army or tried to weaken the morale of the army. One day, a Nabataean merchant said that Heraclius, then the Roman king, had prepared a great army by convincing some Arab tribes like Lakhm, Judham, Ghassan, and 'Amila. Leaving aside Zakaat and Hajj, which involve the sacrifice of money, and taking the case of Salah alone, which is the most important pillar of Islam after Iman, how many of us are particular about it? Hadhrat Hilal’s case was different. It was the habit of Nabi SAW that he never disclosed the destination of his battles, but he would keep on asking about the conditions elsewhere. Dormerton, 4015 INTERNATIONAL RELIEF: Acc. In fact, after the Salah that morning, Nabi SAW had announced the Divine forgiveness for all three of us. [25], In another incident, When Muslim troops were resting, they saw a man from distance who was walking toward them., Welfare Department : News displayed on this site and articles reproduced from other sites are not necessarily the views and opinions of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN. I then tried to get ready but again, but somehow or the other, I did not do so. I was still not yet decided when I learnt that Nabi SAW had left with his companions. Hijra to Medina Acc. Telephone: + 27 (0) 31 306 7786 He convinced himself to stay behind saying: “I have taken part in all the battles so far. 4001 The clothes that I was wearing were given away as a gift, to the messenger of glad tidings. If it is not very serious, kindly permit me to keep attending to him.’, Nabi SAW replied; ‘There is no harm.” Hadhrat Ka’ab says: “It was suggested to me that I might also request Nabi SAW for permission to keep my wife with me for my service, but I said; ‘Hilaal is old, while I am young. Mount Thawr By Allah, I know very well that if today I tell you a lie to seek your pleasure, Allah will surely make you angry with me in the near future, but if I tell you the truth, even though you will be angry with me because of it, I will hope for the forgiveness of Allah. The hypocrites who were hiding their faces tried to scare the camel of Prophet Muhammad (s), but Hudhayfa confronted them and they ran away. Imam 'Ali (a) Moreover, special care was given to explaining and studying this incident.

At this, a person ran up to the top of the mountain and announced the forgiveness in a loud voice and this was the cry that had reached me. [16] However, based on other accounts, the Roman king sent some envoys to the Prophet (s) whom were kindly welcomed by the Prophet (s). When they reached al-Hijr, the land of Thamud, he told the Companions that it was a country of those who were being punished for their sins. You turn your face from me. I had never been so well to do as I was at that time.” Nabi SAW remarked: ‘He is speaking the truth.’ He then said to me: ‘You go away, Allah will decide about you.’ When I left the masjid, many people from my clan blamed me and scolded me saying, ‘Never before had you committed any wrong. On the morning of the fiftieth day, I had performed my Fajar Salah and was sitting on the roof of my house stricken with grief., Skills Development Centre: [2] In other accounts, without mentioning this story, it's only been reported that the Prophet (s) left Medina to fight Romans. There are historical indications that may support this view, such as: the extensive efforts of Munafiqun to weaken the morale of Muslim soldiers, embattling of 'Abd Allah b. Ubay forces against the Muslim Army[6] and based on one account, an attempt on the Prophet's life on his way back from Tabuk by some of Munafiqun. Other Ghazwas, Islam THE ARMY TRAVELS TO TABUK: The Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah set out for Tabuk with 30,000 men from Madinah. Nedbank – Greyville (128905): Sleeping after Sexual Relations without taking a Ghusl?, Book Depot :

Really, by Allah, there was no excuse for me. (1)The importance of striving in the path of Allah .

South Africa Banu Hashim This was usual with him at times of extreme joy. Event of Ghadir : 786002 199 73, (Please note that donations received in this account are not eligible for a Section 18A Tax certificate and your reference needs to clearly state whether Lillah or Zakaat), Albaraka Bank – Kingsmead (800 000): 1st floor Even those who had faithfully participated in every battle, had to bear the brunt of Nabi’s SAW anger when they failed to respond to Allah’s call, even though it was for the first time in their lives.

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