nursing informatics competencies goals

Informatics competencies are an integral component of today’s clinical practice, and as health information technology continues to change and grow, the need to continually evaluate and refine informatics competencies is necessary (Schleyer, Burch, & Schoessler, 2011). Patient care decisions should be supported by timely clinical information, reflecting the best evidence possible (Institute of Medicine, 2013). The specific problem addressed in this DNP project is the lack of evidence-based, role-specific informatics competencies and absence of a corresponding staff development curriculum pertinent to the organization’s nursing informatics team. Other professional organizations, including the National League for Nursing (NLN), the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the ANA, also recommended nursing leaders take charge of the evolving role of informatics in the field. A convenience sampling was appropriate for this project as the sample size was limited to the 21 nurse informaticists at the specific study site. The Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment (NICA) L3/L4 tool, developed by Hill et al., (2014) was used as the baseline assessment tool to identify potential informatics competency development needs (gaps). Table 3 presents the pre-test and post-test percentage change in respondents per competency measured. Very limited research is available on informaticists competency assessment. Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies. Future qualitative and quantitative research is needed to expand the knowledge on the assessment and implementation of nursing informatics competency trainings. This project took place at a 304-bed, non-for-profit magnet-recognized hospital in northeast Florida. Core Competencies. The nursing profession, with more than four million members in the USA, is the largest group of healthcare providers who must possess computer skills and competencies given the current advanced technology in the workplace (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016). Healthcare disparities is something I am passionate about. Online Nursing Research Paper writing service. It is presented as an online tool that validly and reliably self-assesses nurses’ informatics competencies. In general, the survey helped to raise awareness about how often nurses encounter information technology.

Washington, DC. The informatics competencies requiring further improvement and training were identified as the subcategories in the general computer skills and informatics knowledge categories. Firstly, it would improve my capacity to community since informatics allows me to integrate data management into nursing practice. In addition, the author consulted with education specialists regarding Microsoft Excel training, as well as with information technology specialists considering Cerner role security training, to draft lesson plans and formalize staff training sessions. The purpose of the survey was to assess students’ competence and attitudes related to informatics and information retrieval. • Consider how you could improve your skills in these areas, and identify resources within your organization as well as external resources that could be used to develop nursing informatics competencies. The second subcategory measuring the privacy/security competencies (information knowledge) revealed an increased score by 26.21% (Mean=9.10, SD=3.10, P=0.155), but the Kruskal Wallis test did not reveal a statistically significant change in results. The lack of self-assessment of nursing informatics competencies was identified by the team as one of the gaps in competency development (Hill et al., 2014). Klieb, M., Sales, A. E., Lima, I, Andea-Baylon, M. & Beaith, A. Duquesne University’s online DNP program provides registered nurses with the opportunity to earn an advanced degree from a prestigious nursing program. Students were encouraged to recognize opportunities to build upon informatics and information literacy skills as part of their remaining clinical education. Washington, DC. Even though nursing informatics competencies have been defined by national nursing organizations, the introduction and adoption of the competencies and work-related informatics knowledge and skills for nurses have been very slow (Shultz, 2009). The hospital offers care in more than 35 medical and surgical specialties to patients nationally and internationally. The focus was not on assessing individual knowledge and skill sets; rather, it was identifying competency gaps as a group, with reporting done at the aggregate level. Present and future professional nurses must be able to use informatics and technology to facilitate critical decision-making for optimal patient outcomes (Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Nursing Initiative, 2016). Emerging roles for nursing informatics specialists The healthcare sector continues to evolve in the application and use of technologies to support the delivery of care. • Choose at least one skill that is pertinent to your current position or future goals in which you need to strengthen your abilities for each of the three main areas (basic computer competencies, information literacy competencies, and information management competencies). When I am ready to move on from the acute-care setting, I would like to broaden my focus and use my informatics knowledge to improve healthcare for minorities and low socioeconomic groups. DOI: 10.3928/00220124-20100503-08, Liu, Ch, Lee, T, Mills, M. T. (2015). Although the results of this study may not be generalizable, the results reported provide guidance for future research in nursing informatics competency assessment. Note: I asked clinical faculty and staff nurses from their units to review the survey and received feedback that survey items could be clarified by adding specific examples of various technologies mentioned – shown here, but not included on my original survey. This project was tailored to address specific informatics competency needs of the informaticists at the study site; therefore, results cannot be generalized. This requires establishing a baseline assessment of the informatics competencies to guide curricula developments addressing competency needs (Choi & Zucker, 2012; Sipes, 2016; Liu, et al., 2015). Retrieved from, Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform, (2009). Lack of procedures and assessments for determining nurses’ informatics competencies in organizations has been a concern. © 2020 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS). The post-test survey included a cover page; demographic sheet; and modified informed consent, which explained the participant’s rights and purpose of the study; and abbreviated NICA L3/L4 (questions pertained to the selected subcategorized competencies included in the intervention training sessions). Statistical testing between time periods tested the primary objective of improved effect via the education intervention.

Self-assessment of nursing informatics competencies for doctoral of nursing practice students. The author implemented and evaluated an evidence-based professional development educational program to address competency gaps identified in a pre-program baseline assessment (NICA L3/L4 tool) and to address participants’ informatics competencies that require further development.

The general problems addressed by this DNP project are ill-defined informatics competencies and role requirements. Integrating informatics into BSN curriculum: A review of the literature. Still, I can improve my basic computer competency through acquiring computer certification. This project took place at a 304-bed, not-for-profit, magnet-recognized hospital in northeast Florida.

Overall, the project results indicated a positive outcome and improvement in competencies following the implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based professional development program. From the overall mean analysis report, responses revealing a mean score lower than 2 were selected and grouped for each subcategory to identify gaps for the competency assessed. The Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment (NICA) L3/L4 tool was derived from the ground-breaking Delphi study of Staggers, Gassert and Curren. With the use of well-designed technologies, nurse informaticists provide tools to make nursing’s role more visible and support the work of nurses and clinical staff members. American Nurses Association (2015). Still, many nurses entering the workforce are not prepared and lack the informatics competencies needed (Found, 2012). Factors associated with nurses’ informatics competency. The Kruskal Wallis test was implemented to compare the pre-test and post-test responses on three selected subcategories to determine if there were any statistically significant changes between the pre-test and post-test results and competencies. Nursing Informatics Competency Today’s fast-paced health care environment demands nurses to be skilled not only in their clinical practice or specialty area but in the use of technology tools that improve practice and lead to better patient care. Upon institutional review board (IRB) approval, lesson plans were developed, and the investigator co-created the data management software application training, Cerner role security lesson plans, and data-mining training session. Hunter, H., McGonigle, D., & Hebda, T. (2013). With time, experience, and support, they will become safe, independent nurses practicing in intense, high‐stakes specialties. Examples of SMART goals for nursing students. Journal of Clinical Nursing. The participants in the post-test survey response to the selected three subcategories scores increased by 27.44% in the general computer skills, 26.21% in the security, and 51.64% in the data mining subcategory. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 4(7), 104-112. Nursing Informatics Research Priorities for the Future: Recommendations from an International Survey. general computer skills, privacy/security, and data mining subcategories) using traditional descriptive statistics.

technology competencies. The informatics competencies relevant to the current role requirements that needed further improvement and training were three subcategories in the computer skills and information knowledge categories. The assessment focuses on three informatics competencies: basic computer, information literacy, and clinical information management (Hunter et al., 2015). First, survey questions might have been more general compared to the content covered in the training sessions. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (2016).

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