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Known as VORAD (Vehicle On-Board Radar), it works like a police radar gun, emitting low-output microwave signals that continuously scout for obstacles closer than 300 feet ahead of a vehicle.

Donald St. Germain, San Diego George Saunders, Rancho Palos Verdes Marla Scavia, La Mesa Dave Schmidt, Sacramento Ralph Schueler, Sacramento The PSA crash would test his endurance.

By nightfall, the trucks delivered some 220 body bags to either the county morgue or private mortuaries. After setting up a fire command center at the Sav-On drug store parking lot at University Avenue and 32nd Street, SDFD Battalion Chief Robert Osby jogged seven blocks south to the crash site to ascertain the situation.64 Arriving ahead of most city fire companies, Chief Osby was stunned to see a huge aircraft tail section lying in the street. Newspaper reporters, meanwhile, scrambled to write a series of informative and poignant articles in time for the late edition of The San Diego Evening Tribune. The crash damaged or destroyed about 28 houses. Michael Sulit, Del Mar As evidence they cited a remark by Captain McFeron before taking off from Los Angeles. Gary Fox, Culver City, Richard Hight, Citrus Heights

Basically, in layman’s terms, they had to keep the Cessna in their sight and not hit it.26, While Lindbergh Control was now responsible for PSA Flight 182’s final approach, Cessna N7711G was under Miramar’s guidance, which, at 09:00:00 directed it to continue to maintain its 70 degree heading under VFR at or below 3,500 feet.27 At 09:00:31, Miramar informed Boswell that there was “traffic at six o’clock [directly behind them], two miles, eastbound; a PSA jet inbound to Lindbergh Field, out of 3,200 [feet altitude that], has you in sight.” Boswell immediately radioed his acknowledgment.28, As PSA Flight 182 began its diagonal transit across Mission Valley, Captain McFeron informed Lindbergh Control that it was beginning its downwind approach. According to Robinson, police had made between 40 to 43 arrests that day on charges of failing to disperse.
Your IP: According to later ground radar tracking printouts, Cessna N7711G was climbing at 120 mph about 1,300 feet below and ahead of Flight 182. Daniel Bruce Urdahl, San Diego Janet Dolson, Inglewood Because the controller believed that the flight crew “knew as much or more about the traffic than I did…,” he “did not relay any further information to him.” All of this helped to seal both aircrafts’ doom.31, There seemed to be a state of confusion among PSA 182’s cabin crew. Jim Stinnett, Los Angeles If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Jay Drotman, Santa Monica That information, however, was not shared with the approaching aircraft.20, Satisfied with his use of the on-board ILS system, Boswell notified Lindbergh Tower that he was climbing the Cessna away from the airport in a northeasterly direction for its flight back to Montgomery Field. Lower level of the San Diego History Center The San Diego Approach Control at Miramar would be responsible for all aircraft flying within this invisible 30-mile diameter zone between 12,500 and 2,500 feet altitude. It also recommends avoidance maneuvers.111, The crash of PSA Flight 182 also played a role in the development of anticollision technology for automobiles. The shaken Cessna pilot returned immediately to the San Francisco airport. Richard Plaskoff, Los Angeles Bennett Schwartz, Culver City There were few bodies to speak of—only pieces…I was no stranger to dead bodies, but I wasn’t ready to see the torso of a stewardess slammed against a car.

Carol Cook, Rolling Hills Almost immediately, San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) fire crews rushed toward the rising mushroom cloud of oily black smoke.56 Among these was Firefighter John Rankin who along with his partner Steve Smith dealt with a hellish scene of burning homes amid acrid black smoke smelling of kerosene and charred flesh.57 Starting at Boundary Street, Rankin and Smith split up to conduct house-to-house searches along both sides of Dwight Street.
By that afternoon, they were calling the next of kin of all those confirmed dead.83 “Of course our first concern is for the families of our regular passengers,” PSA President William Shimp stated during a subsequent press interview, “but we like to feel we [at PSA] are a family too, and…feel it as a family loss.”84 PSA employees resolutely continued to schedule flights in and out of Lindbergh Field.85.

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