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Similar to 'Mushi-Shi' To be free of his dark visions, Watanuki will work for … 42 edits. (Source: hulu), Seolhui decides to handle Yejin’s crush on Juman herself.

(Source: hulu), After his first success, Dongman buys presents for his family and friends. 3GGG. Similar to 'Isuca' In the near future, superpowered exoskeletons called Infinite Stratos (IS) can only be piloted by women, which has revolutionized society.

(Source: hulu), Dongman is torn between his dream and his relationship once again and faces a difficult decision. Episode 2 The Light of the Eyelid. (Source: hulu), Aera does a favor for an old classmate. Aera and Dongman go on their first date. (Source: hulu), Juman and Seolhui’s relationship begins to crumble.

Dongman attempts to connect with his father. Episode 7 Light and Dark. (Source: hulu), Aera chooses between two career paths. (Source: hulu), Aera gets closer to landing the announcer job.

Episode 5 Eye of Truth. The day of Dongman and Taksu’s fight arrives. Episode 3 Tender Horns. Episode 9 Attack. Episode 4 The Pillow Pathway. Coach Hwang advises Dongman against competing so early. (Source: hulu), All four friends deal with their separate situations and figure out what their futures will be. Juman and Seolhui fight over her treatment at work. 16,094 Followers. 85,700 Subscribers.

Episode 8 Where Sea Meets Man.

Seolhui and Juman’s relationship is revealed at work. Episode 10 Resolution. Episode 5 If Money be not thy Servant, it will be thy Master.

Aera and Dongman both progress toward their dreams. (Source: hulu), Dongman commits to returning to martial arts.

20%. 319 titles 593 … (Source: hulu), Aera is excited when an announcer position opens at her company. Weekly MyDramaList Support Goal. "Reverse Light Source" is a story about Fang Yuan, a smart, handsome boy and Liang Guang, a quiet boy but he seems like have a lot of things to say. 72 edits. Episode 7 Raindrops and Rainbows. Hyeran goes out of her way to one-up Aera again.

73,319 Fans. Episode 7 Money is the Root of All Evil.

MrBouBou. Aera discovers something shocking about Moobin. Episode 10 Life Shouldn't be Printed on Dollar Bills . Create a list. Legal and free through industry partnerships.

A party with Juman’s family isn't fun for Seolhui. (Source: hulu), Dongman feels guilty when he finds out what Coach Hwang is sacrificing for him. Episode 8 Trials.

Episode 6 Ill Got, Ill Spent. Episode 6 Those Who Inhale the Dew. Featured.

Episode 4 Nothing Makes A Man so Adventerous as an Empty Pocket .

Popmah. Help Support MyDramaList . Soelhui worries about her coworker liking Juman.

Video TOP 7 Hottest Korean Dramas To Watch in November 2020. Episode 4 Shadow Play. (Source: hulu), Seolhui reaches her breaking point with Juman. (Source: hulu), Juman has a hard time adjusting to life without Seolhui. Dongman prepares for his match with Taksu despite Aera’s worries. Watch Korean Drama shows with subtitles in over 100 different languages Get the Free %{platform} App Enjoy the best Viki experience, optimized for your phone and tablet Top Contributors.

After all, can Liang Guang open his heart to face the amazing student life.

All Time Favorite Dramas. In the university life, Fang Yuan helps Liang Guang open his heart, but when their relationship becomes better, it predicts something will happen.

Ichika Orimura, younger brother of a famous pilot, is the first male who can … (Source: hulu). Episode 9 A Golden Key Can Open Any Door.

Episode 8 Money Burns a Hole in the Pocket. Episode 6 Promise. 64 edits.

Episode 9 The Heavy Seed.

61 edits. (Source: hulu), Namil Villa gains a new tenant.

Despite himself, Dongman ends up fighting again. Eleven years after high school, four friends' lives haven't turned out the way they wanted them to. Episode 5 The Traveling Swamp.

(Source: hulu), Aera begins to date Moobin despite misgivings. Episode 10 The White Which Lives Within the Ink Stone .

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