simonetta sommaruga facts

Sommaruga has served as head of the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications since 2019 and previously was head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police. Si c’est non le 10 juin, les grands gagnants seront les opérateurs étrangers de jeux en ligne, basés à Malte ou à Gibraltar, qui attirent déjà une clientèle suisse tout en échappant à tout contrôle. Simonetta Sommaruga est mariée à l'écrivain Lukas Hartmann (de) et vit à Köniz.

Subsequently, she returned to the council's presidency in 2020. Notable Persons With the Last Name Simonetta, the most popular surnames and their ethnicities and origins. Simonetta Sommaruga elected President of Switzerland for 2020, Armenia mobilization: Relatives send their boys off, Putin discusses Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement with Pashinyan and Aliyev, MOD: Armenia doing its best to try to prevent epidemic due to decaying bodies, Artsakh Information Headquarters reports Azerbaijan's losses of manpower by days, Armenia MOD: Azerbaijani army's potential seriously crushed, Armenia MOD representative: Azerbaijan might obtain data from space intelligence, Armenia MOD verifying information on supplies of phosphorus munition to Azerbaijan, Armenia MOD: Azerbaijan's attempts of advancement fail, Artsakh FM presents Nagorno-Karabakh situation to One Free World International president, UN Human Rights Commissioner warns of possible war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh, Karabakh Emergency Service: Azerbaijani Armed Forces adding environmental disaster to humanitarian one, Artsakh Ombudsman: 1 civilian killed, 1 wounded as a result of strikes on civilian communities by Azerbaijan, latest on Nagorno-Karabakh clashes: 02.11.2020, Armenia MOD: Azerbaijan shells settlement of Syunik Province, 1 civilian killed, 2 wounded, Turks vandalize building of Consulate General of Armenia in Lyon, 480 children born in Yerevan between October 23 and 29, France to ban Grey Wolves Turkish ultranationalist group, releases video showing how Artsakh army prevents Azerbaijan's sabotage penetration attempt, 50 organizations issue statements on Azerbaijan's use of phosphorus munitions, “Shengavit” branch of ID Bank opens, #We Work For Victory (PHOTOS), Over 400 families left homeless on Samos Island after earthquake hits Aegean Sea, Armenia Parliament Deputy Speaker holds phone talks with Russian counterpart, Yerevan to have militia commander and one more deputy mayor, Armenia MOD representative: Azerbaijan will rely more on mercenaries, Armenia Ambassador to the Netherlands: Cashier at store noticed my mask, said "You have to win", Davutoglu: Erdogan is more dangerous than the coronavirus, Dutch politician Harry von Bommel calls on Europe to speak about atrocities against Armenians, Armenia MOD representative: Battles underway south from Martuni and north from Hadrut, Armenia submits new evidence to ECHR that Baku does not implement Court’s decision on immediate interim measure, Artsakh hero, Colonel Sergey Shakaryan killed, Armenia legislature approves bills in first reading, Artsakh Defense Army deputy commander killed, Armenia MOD representative: Jalal Harutyunyan's health condition is stable, severe, Aliyev: Russia has to maintain neutral position in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Over 150 hectares of forests burned in Martuni by Azerbaijan white phosphorus munitions, says Nngi village head, Artsakh Defense Army reports 11 more casualties, Armenia deputy police chief: Reforms might be postponed due to war in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia applies to ECHR over mutilated corpses of Armenian soldiers in Azerbaijan territory, Karabakh Emergency Service: Not only Grad and Smerch, but also military aviation used in Martuni and Martakert, One Artsakh soldier wounded during Sunday’s fierce battles on northwestern Karabakh-Azerbaijan front line, Demonstration outside UN office in Armenia ends, Artsakh women and children end protest in front of US Embassy in Armenia, Artsakh Defense Army: Azerbaijan attacked in 2 directions, fled after fierce battles but was neutralized, Finance minister: 4.8% economic growth forecast for Armenia in 2021, Artsakh Ombudsman: 100% of children deprived of right to education, Armenia Ambassador to US: Turkey and Azerbaijan are state sponsors of terrorism, Karabakh MOD: Azerbaijan’s attempted attack toward Shushi is prevented, Armenian Unified Infocenter: Azerbaijan army has 7,050 casualties so far, Artsakh women again protest in front of US embassy in Armenia, Armenia PM: Azerbaijan admitted after July 2020 that it is unable to resolve its security issues on its own, Russian MFA: Idea of Scandinavian peacekeepers in Karabakh should be discussed with parties to conflict, Stepanakert: Turkey’s Erdogan is main violator of commandments of Islam, Group of citizens protesting outside UN office in Armenia, Armenia legislature to convene special session Monday at 5pm, New decision: Upon entering Armenia one must present certificate confirming coronavirus PCR negative test result, Artsakh President: We are obligated to meet, discuss situation, award, Karabakh presidential spokesman: Volunteer brigade fought with 22 Azeri special forces’ members, neutralized 20, Armenia deputy PM: Yes, there will be change of public debt threshold, Araghchi: Iran proposal can contribute to peaceful settlement of Karabakh conflict, Armenia deputy PM says with whom Premier Pashinyan consulted before petitioning to Russia’s Putin, Artsakh Air Defense Forces shoot down another Azerbaijan drone, Armenia Investigative Committee: Syria citizen Muhhrab Muhammad Al Shkher to be remanded in custody, Finance minister: Armenia government aims to restore country's economic growth, Karabakh President signs dismissal decrees, Deputy PM: 2021 will be a tense year for Armenia, Spain congressman visiting Armenia calls on to expel Turkey from NATO (VIDEO), 1,194 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Armenia, Artsakh Defense Army: Azerbaijan tried to bring armored vehicles in southeastern direction but failed, Turkey quake death toll reaches 76, there are 962 injured, Armenia parliament kicks off debates on 2021 State Budget, WHO chief self-isolates due to contact with person who tested positive for coronavirus.

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