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39 likes. It’s a webtoon comic from korea. Sung Jin-Woo as a boyfriend HCs: To say that Sung Jin-Woo is overly protective over you would be an understatement. Status Yoon-Ho: i’ll get you a jacket right away!

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The "Weakest Hunter" gets an upgrade when they enter a dungeon and only barely manages to come out of it by the skin of their teeth. Jin-Woo also revealed that the tests he was giving his son is for him to slowly integrate the powers of Shadow Monarch to his son, hinting that there is an upcoming enemy that maybe his son will have to fight.[6]. purpose Maaaaan, I know that there’s really no reason for me to ship them…. If you are logged in, please refresh. However, Jin-Woo did not use his powers but rather calmly diffused the situation.

Commander Grade: Commander Grade appears to be much much stronger than any S-Rank Hunter and can fight multiple S-Rank Hunters with ease.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Jin-Woo would probably not agree easily since the gates he’s responsible for are B-rank and higher but under the heavy influence of your puppy eyes and tempting kisses, he will eventually yield to you with the promise of not leaving his side for the entirety of the raid. Except this time the era had moved on from the medieval eras to a more modern one.

Trivia There are 27 hanja with the reading "sung" and 48 hanja with the reading "jin" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.People with this name include: solo leveling haircut, solo leveling igris, solo leveling ice elves, solo leveling intro, ... solo leveling sung jin woo vs ant king, solo leveling spoilers, solo leveling trailer, Dude, the manhwa keeps on taking unexpected turns. I do not own Solo Leveling. 3 Background

His sole focuses were getting his daily missions done and leveling up via dungeon crawling.


He is the founder and guild master of the Ahjin Guild which he created alongside Yoo Jin-Ho to allow him to clear dungeons using his shadows. ↑ Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 211 Level

They want it, until they cannot live without it, and Woo Jin-Chul finds that he is terribly susceptible to the latter.). Both Jin-Woo and his sister have lived in the same house since they were children. Jin-Woo is the eldest child in his family. Surviving the multiple trials within the temple, Jin-Woo ultimately to become a Player and unique Reawakened Hunter that was able to ceaselessly level up with the support of the mysterious System. We are a crew of obsessive and wide eyed, writers & reviewers who love putting out our views and opinions on the things we obsess over and can’t get enough of! In conclusion, I’m a hoe for Solo Leveling and I hope you enjoy these self-indulgent HCs from me. When fighting enemies or when in use of his powers, Jin-Woo's eyes glow of a pale blue.

in which the system takes, and then takes some more. (◕‿◕), << Solo Leveling >>

Bakugo was left speechless ...his friend ....just vanished ....not from his quirk,but from something far more sinister then that. Agility Since a portal connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds appeared, some people have acquired powers and the ability to hunt them: they are called hunters.

All Rights Reserved. Sung Jin-Woo kinda died when he was a child. Thanks. After Sung Jin-Woo became the Shadow Monarch, the system vanished and no longer held back any power from him.

E-RankS-Rank National Level Hunters "(Unnoficial)" Sung Jin-Woo || Solo Leveling. Shadows have varying amounts of personality and emotion, depending on their grade. This ‘romance’ thing you are implying is very subtle in the LN. in which sung jin-woo realizes he is in love with his best friend since high school, yang [name], and decided to keep his feelings quiet in fear of rejection and just tries to feel content being side by side with [name]. Wifi was accessible again. Jin-Woo prior to becoming a "Player" Jin-Woo receiving the 'Status Recovery' from his daily quests. His eyes, when meeting his enemies, shines dark blue like his father.

He is described by others to be easy to talk to and much more accepting of certain situations he may face.

He has displayed less emotion, which may be caused by the use of the system as mentioned by Jin-Woo himself when he states, "One of my emotions died," referring to the possibility that the power of the System is affecting him in some way.

Is Solo Leveling getting an anime? Mobile and tablet. Sung Jin-Woo 8K Solo Leveling Wallpaper for free Download in different resolution ( HD Widescreen 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD ), Wallpaper support different devices like Desktop PC or Laptop, Mobile and tablet. 성진우(成秦禹)

Family Jin-Woo was once scolded because he toyed with his father's shortsword. Middle School Student.

Despite being so, he respected his fellow Hunters and was brave enough to continue fighting in Dungeons to earn money to care for his sister and to pay for his mother's medical bills; despite being the weakest hunter that had existed. STOPPPP!! Despite this, he is unwilling to draw the shadow of innocent Hunters/civilians. "If you guys are hunters, then try hunting...Hunters were made to hunt anyway". Is it Beru?

(✿´‿`). 155.720 Is it Jin-Woo’s Shadow?

When Sung Jin-Woo attempted the Job Change quest, he was transported to a dungeon-like place and had to fight enemies such as knights and mages. Personality

320 Sung Jin-Woo 8K Solo Leveling is part of Anime Collection and its Shadow Monarch And that's how he got isekai'd to another world AGAIN! (DMCA Complaint), Pictures are for personal and non commercial use. Nothing was known, only the fact that he was a man. ↑ Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 36 Before his Reawakening, Jin-Woo was a kind, nervous, and very timid young man.

Occupation His shitty luck however said "Sike bitch you thought". In one instance, two American Hunter Association members pointed guns at Jin-Woo as a result of a misunderstanding. Even though Jin-Woo and Ashborn have merged, despite Ashborn using a longsword, Jin-Woo was fixed on using shortsword because his father, Il-Hwan uses shortsword.

Quotes Because the Night King reminds me of Jinwoo from Solo Leveling…. Ahjin Guild | Bravery Guild | Fame Guild | Fiend Guild | Hunters GuildKnights Guild | Richter Guild | Scavenger Guild | White Tiger Guild Ryuji hates that Jin-Woo is stronger than him and hates that he's weak to the fire that Jin-Woo ignites in him. Bellion also withstood a direct attack to the head by Beru and continued fighting as if it was nothing. With memories of a previous life as a magic user, stuck once again with his abusive relatives, he resorts to illegal hunting in order to earn money for his freedom. Job

Todos estaban desesperados por encontrar a esa persona. This bonus helped him defeat all the monsters and survive much longer than the original time limit. Alrededor del mundo, los cazadores mas fuertes tienen el nombre de una persona desconocida. The number of Shadow he had after becoming a monarch numbered 130,000+. After entering a D-Rank dungeon alongside party leader Song Chi-Yul, Jin-Woo came across the Double Dungeon.
Jin-Woo once accidentally left a scar on the back of his mother's neck after trying to wash her hair with boiling water. The following is light novel spoilers that have not been covered in the Solo Leveling Manhwa. Thank GOD. 93.300

His location is the biggest secret of his nation and nobody knows absolutely anything about him. Click on "Expand" if you wish to read. When not working or watching Anime, she can be found highlighting the mundanities of life through her poetry. You honestly love both of Jin-Woo’s sides: His professional cold exterior when he is soloing gates and dungeons as well as his more laid-back private self who blushes easily at your touch and loves having you in his arms more than anything else in this world. Jin-Woo does not falter in crisis or a threat and is rarely angered. Despite this, he rarely questions the System and its unknown origins, which are later explained in the story. (Some do not see it. He is the oldest of all shadows who used to command the army of former Shadow Monarch, Ashborn and now serves Hunter Sung Jin-Woo.

His whole demeanor also became more serious and intimidating. please contact Author.

Gallery The story js awesome as hell so if you’re into stories about fighting and looks like a game, you can give it a try! This is what the system needs. Prior to his Reawakening, Jin-Woo was a young man of average height with long black hair and grey eyes; his build was frail, and despite being considered stronger than an ordinary human, he was the weakest among Hunters.

He also tends to smile when facing a difficult situation and always maintains the confidence of himself coming out on top in the end. He persevered through such dungeons to pay his mother's medical bills and his younger sister's school fees as he attempted to close the gap left behind by their missing father who disappeared inside a gate while attempting to protect his colleagues.

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