swgoh team order

2019 update: Jedi Revan is not the best in-game. The short answer: It depends. While a lot of people will say build a rebel team first due to their raw damage output, well-constructed Jedi teams can crush your early-mid game Arena competition, which is the most critical time to rank high to maximize your farming for the rest of the events. Like our website?

Holdo is a nice choice since she’s not needed anywhere else, but C-3PO or R2-D2 fit very comfortably here as well. Honestly it makes the team better in every part of the game. Last but not least: for any player considering following the guide: do not underestimate the recommendation to focus on the limited number of toons that are the recommended prime team. Purchasing a Chromium-Mega Pack awards one new character every time you open them, while the toon you receive probably won’t be useable late game (unless you get ridiculously lucky) it will give you a leg up during the early weeks of gameplay and help you get into a higher squad arena tier, which gets you a lot of rewards for farming toons you will need if you want to be competitive. New article coming soon. The Nightsisters have been a go-to team for a long time and they continue to find ways to remain relevant.

They are just money dumps. On Attack, however, they’re still very deadly.

It's essentially how likely an action will result in the intended reward. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker: 116. Uses: Fleet Arena, Grand Arena, Territory War, Territory Battle. I think your team is the First Order 2.0. SWGOH.GG is a database and sqaud builder for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on iOS and Android. Fives will benefit from G13 in the form of survivability, with the added bonus of having higher stats to give to the 501st once he sacrifices himself.

Rex has the potential to be the fastest toon in the game with his unique on top of Shaak Ti’s lead speed boost. As I said, Zeb is a bit redundant in my opinion (3/16/2019 update: Zeb is superior to Chopper in the squad line up since his zeta rework lets him put out 45K + damage), although it is essential mid-late game, between Chopper and Kaanan, the Phoenix squadron already has two tanks, adding a third won’t make for a better team. Secondly do you have any advice for Arena Battles for the Jedi team?

Survivability is key on any team, which means there needs to be protection regeneration. First Order Pilot will be a long farm through battles so get started on him as soon as you can.

The game tells you the optimum mod types for a character, its really just up to you to make sure the ones you invest time in have speed upgrades.

A First Order team is needed for the BB-8 event. The moment you are done farming Sabine, start farming Scavenger Rey, she is also a very long farm.

There are few teams that are as famously tough as Bounty Hunters. Loyalty (HK) second, disabling bonus TM is huge. Value = High, td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Shaak’s unique pairs with her lead, making the two almost need each other to be of any use. Does that change your advice for build the phoenix team ? The amount of turn meter handed out by KRU, FOST and Kylo is ludicrous.

As a massive fan of the Star Wars Universe, it can’t come as a surprise that I am a total Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Junky! After that, work on Finn and Poe and if you want to round out your resistance team, get the Resistance Trooper. Check out this site where our help will be on it. This occurs in Raids and potentially TBs. Focus on them more once you have your CLS and JTR toons farmed.

I'd argue it's the most effective zeta you can give to any team, it completely transforms them and makes all their synergies fall into place. Having 80-90 percent of your power coming from your primary team will result in a lot of easy battles, which means a lot more resources. More often than not, you will forget this zeta is even here.

Last thing : Which characters do you recommend for the CLS team? If you start hitting gearing walls (such as raid gear beginning at gear level 8), then start gearing other teams, but save as much of your credits as possible for leveling and gearing your main team. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

DR in chronological order as listed.

Liked it? The zeta order assumes you will be running Shaak Ti lead.

I havent noticed any discussions about unmasked kylo or SFTP, so feel free to drop a link if there's any current discussions. First Order is a staple on Defense and can help in raids, but there are a lot of counters for for them as of late and none of their ships are very good. While he isn’t a top meta character he is a master level toon that can do some very interesting things to give your arena team a leg up early-mid game (3/16/2019 update: Grand Master Yoda is now a part of the Jedi Revan meta and is one of the most valuable characters in the game) and Jedi Teams are amazing in both the Rancor and AAT raids. The team relies on its debuffs and the sustain on those two. But an extra stun is interesting. An important thing to remember is that General Kenobi’s The Negotiator will almost certainly make a big splash in Fleet Arena when players start unlocking it. Cody can use the survivability, but will be low on the enemy’s kill order.

This one’s pretty important for all the same reasons as their Separatist Droid cohort.

Another reason to zeta this is because Fives will die in place of an ally from this non-zetad unique anyways, and this just makes it an actually. First of all your guide is great. This changes the whole flow of battle and makes it hard to lose. G13 Rex can make the whole team go before the fastest of Darth Revans and become a viable counter to Sith Empire (or any other team). If you are a free-to-play player, only spend your crystals on those first three daily refreshes. There are several reasons this is your best strategy. While everything that I’ve written so far is absolutely crucial to maximizing your leveling and gearing (which is backed by some of the most competitive players in the game), the rest of this info is based on my opinion. zChirpa is essential to a strong Ewok team. Darth Vader is one of the biggest pains to farm in this game. This lets him call a targeted ally to assist more often and to reapply his taunt. Not only can these characters beat almost anything on Attack in Grand Arena, but Han and Chewie pilot the most dominant ship in the game (for now) and need to be in tip-top shape for Han’s Millennium Falcon to operate at a high level.

Uses: Fleet Arena, Grand Arena, Territory War, Territory Battle, Raids. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Accessibility is the main reason for grabbing these toons as soon as possible. You don't speack about mods, do you think they are useless or just usefull for the arena team ? It looks like you're new here. It should be noted that almost any Bounty Hunter can be shoehorned into this team. I also included my recommendations for post-Commander Luke farming. This lead provides it well, with a countering Fives getting 5-10% protection back.

Zeta Order. At this point its assumed that you have 7 star Palpatine and Thrawn so you only have three characters left to round out this team. Even with Sabine and Ezra putting out massive damage, Palatine tier 6 and 7 are actually really difficult.

They work very well on Attack or Defense in Grand Arena and Territory War AND they are needed for the newest PvE content, the Dark Side Territory Battle – Geonosis: Separatist Might (just call it “Bug Party”). I cannot stress how crucial being in the top 200 is. Darth Revan: 241. Even at 4* a well geared KRU is effective.

... Cody can use the survivability, but will be low on the enemy’s kill order. I screwed this up and now it is impossible to complete the Galactic War as I get pitted against far superior teams whom I can't beat. The second is for the Emperor Palpatine event.

You could skip them if you only use the team on offense I suppose and so far they look like an offense powerhouse. Darth Vader: 127. You just need them to clear the Credit Heist. Villian (DR) 5th, DR won't be targetted that often, it won't be too useful. The best place to spend your crystals is to refill your Cantina Energy. Rex is great for PvP and on defense, as shown by Clash, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window).

This is a fun zeta that could see benefit in clutch situations…but, matches won’t normally be decided upon by an attack being dodged and there’s no reason why missing would happen often to this team. I’m listing what order to farm each toon based on the store below. The exception to this is Rey Scavenger. Fantasy Draft SemiFinals: HowieWan Attack vs Fei34. Like most free-to-play games, SWGOH is riddled with promotional packs, which cost crystals to purchase. Whichever other clone you use as fifth, they’re both attackers that won’t last long. More Critical Damage, Speed and Turn Meter as well as 5% Health & Protection recovery whenever a First Order ally gains a status effect. Let us know in the comments or hit us up on twitter to tell us what team stopped you dead in your tracks in the latest Grand Arena! Support us by Donating! Both Mother Talzin and Asajj Ventress both have great leadership abilities and Asajj is required in the Bug Party. One of the biggest mistakes new players make is saving their crystals or spending their money purchasing Chromium Mega-Packs. This zeta is bonkers. He has a good HP, his basic hits for ~12K, his assist w/stun is priceless, and running KRU and SFTP together, KRU's opening taunt absorbs his drumfire AOE if against a counter-team, so your FO team …

This changes the whole flow of battle and makes it hard to lose.

I cannot stress how much of a massive waste of resources it is to buy those packs.

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