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TM: Honestly, it just felt more like what I wanted — why I got the Marchetti was the tie to military history. I used to go to these LAN parties, that was before high-speed internet. I’ve also been really obsessed with all these next-generation gyrocopters, like the AutoGyro Calidus and whatever else is out there. They all went: “Yeah! As a sheltered little kid, I thought: “Wait, what was World War II?” I just couldn’t get enough of it and I couldn’t stop reading memoirs, and that bled into fighter pilot memoirs. JETGALA: What is your typical ‘weekend warrior’ type of trip? トーマス・ミドルディッチ(Thomas Middleditch, 1982年3月10日 - )は、カナダ出身の俳優、声優である。, 1982年、イギリス人の両親の元[1]、カナダのネルソンに生まれる。高校を卒業後は、ビクトリア大学へ進学[2] But, honestly, being on the right side, with the stick — it feels pretty cool. 本名 Thomas Steven Middleditch 生年月日 1982年 3月10日(38歳)出生地 ネルソン 国籍 カナダ ジャンル 俳優 声優 活動期間 2009年 - 現在 トーマス・ミドルディッチ(Thomas Middleditch, 1982年 3月10日 - )は、カナダ出身の俳優、声優である。 What's next for the aviation industry? Now, without spending $5M on a P-51, I’ve got, essentially, a warbird to some degree. JETGALA: You probably flew from the left seat with your Diamond but from your Marchetti you fly from the right seat, typically. That’s great!” I remember that very specific moment of hiding behind that curtain, being like, whoa, what is this? I was always the bad student. With 15 years of flight simulation, essentially with the stick in the right hand, it wasn’t too big of an adjustment. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! My writing partner and I took our script and got work done while we were flying. Mr. Middleditch discussed identifying with Richard, his evolution as an actor and his new plane. Am I using the right lingo? Short answer, no. If I ever move back up to Canada and just want to putt around in the mountains, that seems like a pretty fun thing. There was always some guy who was potentially on the spectrum, who knew everything about troubleshooting all the network issues and was crucial to the whole thing. You’re also a longtime member of the Improvised Shakespeare Company. FlightPlan: The International Aviation Women’s Association i, Since taking to the skies in 2014, the segment-def, We wish all our Muslim friends and readers peace a. TM: (One thing) I’m eyeing — maybe one day, when I am done spinning around in a Marchetti — is this new plane called the Cobalt Valkyrie, which looks like Batman’s plane. Interpretó a Harold Hutchins en Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017). Middleditch made headlines in September 2019 when he revealed that he and the costume designer — whom he married in August 2015 — were active swingers. I’m a big gamer, so I’ve had access to that type of personality. “Times have changed,” he said with mock exasperation, once the noise had abated. Perhaps one day, Middleditch will be able to display his cockpit prowess on the silver screen. And especially at an airport like where I fly out of the ATC can be a little surly, so you better get your words right or they’ll chew you out. 後にシカゴへ移り住み、即興コメディ劇団のセカンド・シティなどで演劇を習得した。その後もコメディ番組の『サタデー・ナイト・ライブ』などへのオーディションも受けたが、採用はされなかった[1]。2009年にマクドナルドの米国内向けのテレビコマーシャルへ出演し、キャリアをスタート。また同年、キャサリン・ゼタ=ジョーンズ主演の恋愛コメディ映画『理想の彼氏』などへも出演して映画デビューも果たした。, それ以降もコンスタントにキャリアを構築しており、2014年にアニメシリーズ『キング・オブ・ザ・ヒル』などを手掛けたマイク・ジャッジなどが原案を務めたコメディドラマ『シリコンバレー』の主役に抜擢された。同作では実在するアメリカの半導体メーカー会社の密集地でもあるシリコンバレーで自身の会社「パイド・パイパー」を立ち上げた若者4人に巻き起こる騒動をコミカルに描いており、ミドルディッチは画期的なアルゴリズムを考案したにも関わらず、その優柔不断な人格から様々な災難に悩まされる若手CEOをユーモラスに演じている。同作の演技が評価され、2016年のプライムタイム・エミー賞では主演男優賞にもノミネートされた[3]。, ベン・シュワルツとコメディ・ユニット"Middleditch & Schwarz"を結成してショーツアーを行い、2020年4月21日には収録した番組『ミドルディッチ & シュワルツ』をNetflixで配信予定である。,トーマス・ミドルディッチ&oldid=76913220. The idea of going low and slow in an open cockpit and just cruising around at 4 litres per hour seems pretty cool. You get your sellout money and a nod from studios. Awkwardly funny moments just seem to follow Mr. Middleditch, 35, a wide-eyed actor from the small Canadian city of Nelson, British Columbia, wherever he goes. Near the end of the season that’s coming up, a few things come into play, where he might have to do the unthinkable. When you are first learning, hopping on the radio is pretty scary, outside of the rules and regulations. Recently joining this club is Thomas Middleditch, the Emmy-nominated star of the critically acclaimed HBO series Silicon Valley, and part of the cast of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (known widely as Godzilla 2), set to be released in March 2019. Does that mean you’re well versed in the works of the Bard? Mr. Middleditch discussed identifying with Richard, his evolution as an actor and his new plane. And then just sitting in class, falling asleep, being like, “Uh-huh, uh-huh.” You watch the show, and you’re like, “These guys know what they’re doing — this guy’s an idiot.”. JETGALA: How did you become interested in aviation, leading you to pursue your pilot’s license? The quickness that’s required is intimidating but I will say the good thing about learning here in a major city like Los Angeles is you have to get comfortable with the radios. These are edited excerpts from the conversation. Do you share any of that with him? “I couldn’t stop reading memoirs, and that bled into fighter pilot memoirs”. Do you think Richard has grown over the four seasons of the show? Bu rolle Bir Komedi Dizisinde En İyi Erkek Oyuncu dalında Primetime Emmy Ödülüne aday gösterilmiştir. A few years ago, I said to myself: “Well, now that I’ve got the means to transition this love affair from the virtual world to the real world, I’ll give it a shot.” I had to overcome some pretty severe motion sickness, but in the end, I managed to get the PPL (private pilot’s license).

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