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He says he's an avid game-film watcher and speaks of NDSU's culture and Trey's ability to "play faster" as the long season's grinded forward.

Trey had previously been a running back, and by all honest accounts, a somewhat chubby one. Carlton doesn't want to get into details about which schools recruited Trey to play what positions, but said he doesn't necessarily see bigger as better. OK, that's it. "They have a proven track record, they know what they are doing," Carlton said. He also happens to be a strong believer in god and studies the bible as well. "[1], In high school, Lance was a three-star recruit at Marshall High School.

Lance can't be sure the change happened as a result of Fleck not offering him as a quarterback, but when his designation changed to "athlete" so fast -- he noticed it on his ride home from the Twin Cities -- how could he not suspect it? He has been ballin since his Freshman year at North Dakota State. (Mike Stone/Associated Press), Lance threw 28 touchdown passes with no interceptions in his first year as a starter under NDSU coach Matt Entz, and topped it all off with an FCS championship, the Bison's eighth national title in the last nine years.

NFL footage © NFL Productions LLC. His younger brother Bryce, a senior receiver at Marshall High in 2020–21, has received several scholarship offers, including one from North Dakota State.

The topic of law enforcement and race is a sensitive one for many Americans, but for Chase Young and his family, it hits particularly close to home. At the quarterback position, intangible traits like that, paired with the top-shelf physical skills, can have a galvanizing effect on an NFL team. Coach Buer, Eddie Meierkort. "I was unprepared for the expectations," she said. (Sam Hodde/Associated Press), Lance at a Chicago regional Elite 11 camp in 2017 (left) and as a counselor this past summer at the national Elite 11 event in Atlanta. Angie Lance mostly stays off Twitter.

"It was his way of saying, 'Nothing you can say is going to make me feel better,' " Angie Lance said. "When people say, 'I hope he stays humble, keep him humble,' I get a little defensive about that because I didn't raise an arrogant jerk. Trey Lance is a very athletic player who uses the full advantage of his 6 feet 3 inches and 102 kg body in the game. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. It didn't matter that you had a bigger stadium.

The coaches do their thing, but I’ll throw out a few things, too. But throwing a kid that young into an NFL season who didn't even get to play his last year in college, with one year as an FCS starter, it's a lot to ask.". Far from the homeless streets of his youth, Javon Kinlaw hasn't forgotten where he came from, thanks to the kindness and patience of those he met on his path to stardom. I had people went above and beyond, like (the late business professor) Jim Babcock, he was my advisor and helped me grow and get to where I needed to be.

Carlton Lance, a former defensive back in college, worked with his son, Trey, in the family backyard.

That's where Trey Lance's identity as a quarterback began, seven short years ago; a backup because nobody else wanted the job. All of them fell when the coach asked if anyone else wanted to play the position. By all indications, the 19-year-old from Marshall, Minn., has shouldered the burden wonderfully. People watch out for them, and they are surrounded by good kids, as well.”, His time at SMSU “was a microcosm of the Marshall community. That's probably a good idea for the mother of North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance. We are who we are; we’re pretty low-key.”, Lance and Trey took  a very practical approach when he was being recruited.

Had Noland transferred to any other school, to compete with anyone not named Trey Lance, he says he would have likely been bitter about a bench role. "He's so impressive to talk to, you think, I'm not betting against that guy," said Jeremiah. It surprises me every time somebody says that because why would you say that?". I had the same feeling about Josh Jacobs; you realize this guy has all the skills you need, plus he's wired the right way. He ended up playing for a lengthy string of Arena Football League teams. [1] He did receive offers to play quarterback from several Group of Five FBS programs including Air Force, Boise State, Northern Illinois, and Western Michigan. Nevertheless, his skill overrides any concern about competition, just as it did with Wentz, who faced only one FBS opponent (Iowa State) in his NDSU career. That could make investing a first-round selection in him a less-certain proposition. The expectations at NDSU are high, said Lance. But ideally, you'd like a little longer track record.".

[4] He initially wanted to play at Minnesota, and had been ready to commit there after attending a recruiting event in February 2017.

It's especially important at the quarterback position, where a winning presence can permeate a locker room. From an 'addiction to ink' to surviving the mean streets of his youth to his diverse football skillset, separating fact from fiction in Lynn Bowden's life has been a complicated task for the NFL. [1], Lance was trained mainly by his father Carlton, a former cornerback at Southwest Minnesota State University who briefly played in the Canadian Football League and the World League. So naturally, when Noland appeared in a team meeting without an introduction, Lance sized him up as potential competition. I’m obviously going to put everything possible into it because that’s what I love to do. Joining him as counselors for the event at Nashville's Blackman High School were Fields, Mississippi State QB K.J. Angie admits she's not a football expert. While Carlton might not have been a quarterback whisperer when it came to the technique needed for a tight spiral, he knew what frustrated cornerbacks about good passers and how to take advantage of poor ones. Hours earlier, it had rained hard enough on the 2017 Elite 11 regional quarterback camp -- one of a dozen or so Elite 11 regionals in major markets all over the country -- that the event had to be moved to the Chicago Bears' indoor practice field at Halas Hall. Saturday is one more opportunity for their oldest son to continue to etch his name into NDSU football history. His brilliant campaign added intrigue to a growing profile as a draft prospect. "Until we're 100 years old and we can look back on our lives and say we made a difference in the world, we have no reason to puff our chest.

He saw a quarterback whose only Power Five scholarship offer, from Iowa, was to play linebacker. © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC.

“Anyone who knows me knows I am an avid film watcher, I love that part of the game, looking at schemes and players. His wife Angie (Irsfeld) is a 1993 alumna who works at Schwan’s.

Athletics have taken the Lances down many roads over the years, perhaps none as high profile as this journey. Noland recalls the meeting with Entz in which he was told Lance had beaten out the veteran transfer for the starting job: "I just looked [Trey] dead in the eye and said, 'I've got your back.' [2] According to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports, Trey "stood out in a town with little racial diversity", with Carlton being African-American and Angie being white. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. Imagine if Trey wasn't having a near-perfect season with the Bison 15-0 with the redshirt freshman quarterback having thrown 28 touchdowns passes and no interceptions. Fitting weather for a grave disappointment. Boise State of the Mountain West Conference made a last-minute offer for Trey to play quarterback. It will be his sixth year in college and absolutely his final chance to be a college starter. [1][2] After retiring from play, the elder Lance, originally from Fort Myers, Florida, returned to Marshall, Minnesota, home to both his college team and his wife Angie, whom he had met at Southwest. David Samson / The Forum, Angie and Carlton Lance talk about their son Trey and his college recruiting process from the Stonebriar Hotel in Frisco, Texas, on Wednesday, Jan. 8. Winning Is Not Everything is a podcast aimed at bringing sanity back… More than 600 quarterbacks attend Elite 11 regionals each year, and roughly 97 percent of them aren't tapped for the finalist field. They've raised him well.

He is 19 years old. My role was to sit back, and gave him some ideas what he might want to look at. But when Lance packed his bag for the trip, he left behind any residual bitterness about his three-year-old snub. "If this one-game season is [the end of] his college career, I really doubt he'll be asked to carry a team as a rookie," said an area scout for an NFC team. ", Said Angie: "When we went through the recruiting process, there were coaches who said, 'You can certainly go play in FCS and be a quarterback. With no idea he was already thousands of reps behind the brigade of American youth quarterbacks determined to make a career out of the position, he decided to give it a try. He saw a true field general with impressive athleticism, but also one who handed the ball off more than he threw in a Wing-T offense. Or you can come here and play some other position.' Carlton sent Loots a link to Trey's highlight video, just a smattering of throws he'd made in the first few games of his prep career. [7][8] He also set an all-divisions NCAA record for most passes thrown in a season without giving up an interception (287). "But whatever he decides, I'm staying here, because I would never leave him. 1 overall in the NFL draft, following Jameis Winston, a former Elite 11 co-MVP who went No. Two are currently in the NFL. As a redshirt freshman in 2019, Lance won the Walter Payton Award and Jerry Rice Award and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck (6-4, 234 coming out of Stanford) because of their similarities in athleticism, maturity, confidence and fearlessness. Still, he doesn’t mind being known as Trey Lance’s father. 1501 State St. Marshall, MN 56258 1-800-642-0684 2020 © Southwest Minnesota State University. North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance is greeted by his parents, Angie and Carlton, as the team arrives at the Stonebriar Hotel in Frisco, Texas, on Wednesday, Jan. 8. But now, after just 16 career FCS starts, the quarterback no one wanted has the full attention of NFL scouts.

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