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© Apple News comes preloaded on every iOS device, so it's a good place to start if you're a iPhone or iPad owner looking to catch up on the day's news. See election news coverage, state-by-state voting information, and everything you need to know about what's on your ballot. There's also a mobile app called Hey! Google News presents readers with a customized news briefing of the top five stories, updating throughout the day, based on global news, local content, and your interests, and newsfeed of other content. Oct 09, 2020 Neil Munro You can then take your time reading through articles repackaged into media-centric reader views, or get the latest breaking news in your notification tray. Circuit Court of Appeals. Visit our corporate site. Did Kanye West Get 40K Votes in Kentucky for US President? WND Staff WE LOOK EVERYWHERE for interesting news articles! Editor-curated feeds catch you up on the latest headlines and special interest pieces, while a personalized newsfeed allows you to select your favorite topics, with the feed learning and improving its choices based on your reading habits. Flipboard is a popular news aggregator known for its lovely magazine-style layout. And among those who did get a whiff of the news in advance, even fewer... Election night in America is likely to look much different this year. Sometimes even three stories from different sites on the same story. Each group is combined into one summarized article. Breitbart These days, the best news apps offer more, whether it's coverage from multiple sources or layouts designed with your smartphone screen in mind. Like other apps on this list, it pulls thousands of articles from credible online news organizations, blogs, and magazines, and presents it in a polished format. Yes. Virtually all of the major news media are biased one way or another, even their supposed pure news programs. Gun Owners of America (GOA) said the city has infringed on the rights of local residents by ignoring a Pennsylvania law that requires localities to process app... You will receive a verification email shortly. Sustaining members read AllSides ad-free. Once installed, Pocket integrates with the share sheets and buttons of many apps, email services and browsers, allowing you to quickly save interesting content for later. Oct 09, 2020 It's the only aggregator on this list that puts some features behind a paywall. Although it wasn’t very surprising that Facebook tried to stop the New York Post’s story about the damning contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop from circulating last week, it turns out that Joe Biden has a very well-placed connection at the social media giant who could well be operating on his behalf. We aim to have the whole process done with out any human influence. Its magazine-style format is beautiful to look at. currNews.com is a news aggregator, it is not a news publisher and it takes no credit or responsibility for the news articles listed. Featuring content from more than 2,000 reporters in 180 countries, Reuters News provides a broad perspective for world news, as well the option to narrow down and build a more personalized news stream with your favorite topics. Read more, Washington Free Beacon

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