united 757 seat map

Food was very good and lots of courses throughout flight, along with choice of beverage. Love travel? Seat 2 E is a standard Business Class seat that transforms into a fully flat bed.

Plenty of leg room. Seat 34 C is a standard Economy Class seat. Also the galley lights did not bother me at all, whereas they always were shining on the poor people on Row 7 and even 8A. Seat was comfortable, good cushioning and winged headrest that could be raised. Seat 37 A is a standard Economy Class seat.

Seat 10 E is a standard Economy Plus seat. Good seat with some minor issues, this exit row seat has extra legroom; the seat in front does not recline; no under seat stowage during takeoff and landing; may be missing an armrest; seat cushion may be very firm. Seat 35 E is a standard Economy Class seat. The seat was really comfortable, and reclined into a fully flat bed. All C seats may have an entertainment equipment box under the seat, limiting the legroom and the storage space underneath the seat in front. 2014/07/17 for Seat 5B, on Seat 32 A is a standard Economy Class seat. 2018/04/11 for Seat 1AB, on Don't get on this plane, use the TAP flight!! Small seat, even for me and im 5'7". The TV box takes up at least 1/3 of the underseat storage on this aircraft.

Seat 32 A is a standard Economy Class seat.

2017/10/24 for Seat 1A, on Seat 38 F is an Economy Class seat in the last row of the plane. Seat 10F was fine. While there is extra legroom, there is no floor storage during take off and landing.

Seat 34 D is a standard Economy Class seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories may be bothersome. The service is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude. 2016/03/30 for Seat 24C, on 2013/10/11 for Seat 21A, on

Missing an armrest? 2014/09/23 for Seat 20B, on Seat 14 F is a standard Economy Plus Class seat.

There is no safe location on this craft for them.

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