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Cherufe | Herodias | No actual reason. Intense stare while turning and tilting head, How does this look werider than his normal face, They showed it in the episode lois was mayor, "You'll do it because it's normal.." tear.

Kevin Swanson, much like everyone in the Swanson family, is a mixed bag of continuity and personality. Share the best GIFs now >>>

Mackenzie Poltergeist |

As much as The Simpsons has changed over the years, it still has a solid core of recurring characters to create its own feeling of familiarity, making this show more than just a sitcom for some people but an actual, fondly remembered part of any family. Frankenstein's Monster | Abhartach | Stewie cautions him at the door not to mention Jake's deformity. The third photo appears to be a normal photo of a marketplace, except the Man appears in the back, grinning. La Tunda, Cryptids

Patasola | His other creations include Siren Head, Cartoon Cat, the Country Road Creature, the Bridge Worms, the Man with the Upside-Down Face, the Smile Room, the Good Boy, the Lamb, the Man in the Red Room, the Fetid King and the Giants..

Martinez Dog Demon | He is said to be timeless and Trevor has said that his physical form exists only to torment humanity, suggesting that he could be a sort of Lovecraftian horror who decided to manifest in a physical body just to feed on humanity’s suffering. Behemoth | Lucius Tiberius |

Banshee | Six Demons | Bogeyman | Samael | Trolls | When he creates his actions, he is invisible to the public, only photographs reveal that he is really there causing madness and feeding off of it.
Any act of adding this villain to the Pure Evil category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Jezebel | Details Duration: 4.100 sec Dimensions: 320x240 Created: 6/17/2016, 12:55:22 PM. Cassiopeia | Tom Tucker his father has plenty of lines and screen time throughout the series, with several episodes dedicated to his strive for fame. Press J to jump to the feed. Why? Delilah | The episode follows Peter's mother, Thelma, divorcing Peter's father, Francis, and dating news anchorman Tom Tucker.

Leviathan | Stacy Tucker is the wife of TV news reporter Tom Tucker and mother to Jake Tucker, a boy with an upside-down face. Snallygaster | Creepypasta Villains |

The Man can appear near any sort of tragedy, with Trevor stating that he has possibly appeared near events where other monsters such as the Bridge Worms have killed people. Details Duration: 4.100 sec Dimensions: 320x240 Created: 6/17/2016, 12:55:22 PM. Abaddon | The Last Airbender: The 15 Strongest Female Avatar Characters, Family Guy: 10 Characters That Seth MacFarlane Just Forgot, Top 10 Adult Animated Series (According to IMDb), 15 Cartoon Voice Actors Who Are More Attractive Than Their Characters, 10 Times Cartoons Drastically Changed Animation Style, Pokémon: What Pokémon Type You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign, Pokémon: 10 Nurse Joy Cosplays Fitting For Any Pokémon Center, The Walking Dead: 10 Ways Daryl Dixon Has Changed Since The First Episode, Avatar: 9 Benders That Could Push Aang To His Limit, The Owl House: 5 Characters Zatanna Could Beat (& 5 Who'd Demolish Her), 15 Of Azula's Best Quotes From Avatar: The Last Airbender, Batman: Three Jokers #3 Delivers a Bloody Conclusion With Intriguing Teases, Black Widow: Widow's Sting #1 Is a Lightweight Standalone Tale, X of Swords: Stasis #1 Is a Long-Winded Interlude, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Delivers a Fresh Instant Classic, Dune: House Atreides #1 Brings Readers to an Early Vision of Arrakis, Crossover #1 Transcends Its Premise With a Meditation on Superhero Events, One Piece: The Best 10 Fights Of The Yonko Saga Thus Far, The Mandalorian: 5 Marvel Characters Din Djarin Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose To), Dragon Ball: Every Non-Canon Android In The Franchise, Rebuild Of Evangelion: 10 Questions We Need Answered By The Fourth Movie, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko's 10 Best Fight Scenes, Ranked, Black Clover: 10 Things You Need To Know About Captain Yami. Originally introduced as a brooding teen love interest to Meg, Kevin would later be killed off as a war veteran, only to be resurrected in a convoluted conspiracy in "Thanksgiving," making his first appearance in five seasons. Cerberus | However, he can influence other factors to help said tragedies happen, examples being turning ordinary arguments into violent fights and causing a normally sturdy tire to blow in a car while he is in the back seat, helping the disastrous events unfold with pain and suffering soon to follow. Golden Cicada | Siren |

As seen in "Meet the Quagmires", Chase would be the host of The Tonight Show as of 2007 if Peter did not marry Lois. Dr. Victor Frankenstein | The Man has the goal of feeding off of negative emotions such as grief from roadside accidents, possibly trying to cause as many car accidents, misery and grief as possible. Ravana | King Ahab | Wa Nyudo | Kitsune | No information On Twitter, Trevor posted an artwork of the Man with the Upside-Down Face, calling him the "patron saint of car wrecks, natural disasters, misery, and bloody pavement", suggesting he most likely also feeds on the mass amount of misery natural disasters cause. Notably, multiple animated series, including “Central Park,” “Big Mouth” and “Family Guy,” have vowed to recast Black characters originally voiced by white actors.

Full Name Abyzou |

The Man with the Upside-Down Face appears to be a man with a very large grin that has his head upside down. Jake Tucker is an easy one to explain: He's the kid with an upside down face. Therefore, this villain shall be added to our "Never Again List", where proposed villains rejected by the community shall be placed to prevent future proposals of the same evil-doer. Looking in deeper at the third photo, it is notable that the location of the picture is in Budapest, Hungary, giving the evidence that the Man is a Hungarian evildoer. Yallery Brown | Captain Nemo, Monsters, Animals & Anthropomorphic Beings Cartoon Cat, Mythos Pre Owned 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt Lt Fwd 2d Coupe How To Hang A Gallery Wall Pottery Barn ... 12 Verses To Pray For Unity In The Church Hope Jo... Immer Ein Stück Israel In Der Familie Wina Das Jü... Bafza Hashtag On Twitter ... Pin On Vinod At Priya ... We are upload today the popular size of wedding photo album and design 12x24. Flatwoods Monster | Skinned Tom |

Veles | Sack Man | RELATED: Top 10 Adult Animated Series (According to IMDb). Goals Hellhounds | Antichrist |

Other than her revenge plot against Lois in "And I'm Joyce Kinney," she's pretty much just been a background character, definitely not doing as much as Tom Tucker and a bit of a downgrade from Diane Simmons. Not exactly the best written character, he was still serviceable for gags, as the series would give him slight backstory every now and then, such as revealing that he used to be a lawyer before getting into cocaine or the fact that he started his gimmick after a grease truck explosion. As Henderson states, "His face is on wrong because he loves perverting the expectations of how a human is put together. Hobby Crisis, Possessed Objects It is possible that meat goes bad near the Man with the Upside-Down Face. Old Man Try-By-Night | Since its inception in 1999, Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy has found success and prominence within the adult animation market. ", Notable Creations Occupation Alias Hera | La Tunda | A subreddit dedicated to the TV show *Family Guy*.

Demon | Vampires | Mother characters typically play a pivotal role in defining and building the core characters of a series, but that is obviously not the case here. Amanda the Doll | China Doll | Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Hades | Thelma Griffin is the chain-smoking, neglectful mother to Peter who had a couple of appearances in the series. Chase also voices a younger-looking version of himself with Dan Aykroyd in "Spies Reminiscent of Us", where he and Aykroyd were appointed spies by Ronald Reagan. Blair Witch |

The Man in the Red Room | Beast | Because they are dyslexic, they misspell the title as Feltch. ", a reference to Chase's rumored banishment from the show and his at-the-time stalled career. Cornelius Crane "Chevy" Chase (born October 8, 1943) is an American Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, and television and film actor. Dan and Chevy are mentioned when Cleveland returns to his old home in "He's Bla-ack!" Herod Antipas | King Arthur | Jasper is just another example that Family Guy doesn't actually care about its family members. Count Dracula, Common Legends Peeping Tom | Fetch |

Tsuchinoko | As a writer, auteur, and innovator, I seek to expand human potential through the creative medium, intellectually and emotionally challenging the mass audience. Crimes Mephistopheles | Krampus | Bye Bye Man | Ajax the Lesser | A guy … Green Witch |

Coco | Scylla | Jackalopes | Cursed Dolls | StalkingInvisibilityIndirectly causing pain and deathMental manipulation Popobawa | Mothman | Behemoth the Elephant | Cyclops | Pictures of the Man dating back from the 1910s to the 1960s started appearing on the internet, when Trevor uploaded three old photographs onto his social media. Jackalopes |

When Peter ends an episode of SNL with the customary goodbyes in "Don't Make Me Over", he screams "Our thoughts are with you, Chevy! Amanda the Doll | When Stewie looks down the slide in "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. La Sayona | This list will be running down the Family Guy characters who kind of just fell off from the screen. The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water |

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Set | Ghosts, Modern Legends Trevor later on uploaded three more old photos of the Man to his media, and stated some information which revealed how sinister he really is.
During the long-forgotten period of Seth MacFarlane's The Cleveland Show, a certain diversity hole was left in Family Guy.

Angra Mainyu | Momonjii | Kraken | In this instance, my knowledge and research could be fundamental in creating and editing effective material. Fomorians (Balor, Bres) | Hoop Snake | However, she had already long disappeared in the series, with her last committed episode being six seasons before her death, and she doesn't even make an appearance in the episode that she dies in. He reprises his role as Griswold in Blue Harvest. Good Boy | Asuras | Mngwa | Case in point: Dylan Flannigan. Ghost Cars | With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Upside Down Face animated GIFs to your conversations. She's a stuck up baby well known for her cuteness and performance ability but detestable for her attitude. Mahishasura | Damballa | Beast of Gévaudan | The Smile Room | Manananggal | Brooke Roberts and Brian Griffin discuss Chase's money situation on The Bachelorette in "Brian the Bachelor". Moloch | Kappa | NEXT: 10 Times Cartoons Drastically Changed Animation Style. Bandits | Sodomites | Spirits: Dybbuk | Licking Maniac |

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