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? Long ago, a great war was fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind.

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Zenobia was a Roman citizen, as her father's family had been granted that status earlier, probably during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 CE).

The Palmyrian forces were destroyed and Aurelian took the city and, it is assumed, plundered the treasury. Aurelian won the engagement by feigning retreat and then swinging about in a pincer formation once the Palmyrene forces were tired from pursuit. Last modified September 14, 2014. His son, Gallienius, could do nothing to remedy the situation, and so Odaenthus marched against the Sassanids, defeated them, and drove them back across the Euphrates River and away from Syria.

Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. ?The FULL game of ILLUSIA is FREE now! Zenonia (제노니아) is the first game of the Zenonia Series.The main character is Regret, a young man whose origins are initially unknown.His primary mission in the game is to find the reason for the death of his adoptive father at the hands of a demon and subsequently a more powerful evil that is at work. Zenobia (born c. 240 CE, death date unknown) was the queen of the Palmyrene Empire who challenged the authority of Rome during the latter part of the period of Roman history known as The Crisis of the Third Century (235-284 CE).

Syria was at this time a Roman province and had been since it was annexed in 115/116 CE. His primary mission in the game is to find the reason for the death of his adoptive father, Pardon, at the hands of a demon and subsequently a more powerful evil that is at work. When Aurelian entered Palmyra and found her gone, he sent cavalry to apprehend her, and she was taken prisoner while trying to cross the Euphrates River.

Regret sets on a journey to save or destroy the five seals: the Seal of Deceit guarded by Pale; the Seal of Despise guarded by Vicious if the player sides with good, or Vague if with evil; the Seal of Greed (no bosses here, but one has to undergo a series of traps); the Seal of Betrayal under the protection of the Ghost of Ladon; and the Seal of Shame, guarded by Virulent (again, if the player sides with good), or Lady Charity (if with evil). Al-Tabari also claims that this is when she became adept at riding horses and learned the endurance and stamina she was later known for. ?The FULL game of ZENONIA 2 is FREE now!

The Sassanid king Shapur I (240-270/272 CE) took the city of Antioch, one of the most important trade centers for Rome, and this could not be tolerated. my iPod was restored and Zenonia was deleted and so were the saves and I don't want to start over. "Zenobia." After Tyana, none of the cities opposed him and sent word of their allegiance to Aurelian before he ever reached their gates and so, soon, he arrived in Syria. The accounts of Zonaras, and Zosimus especially, are considered more reliable, and it seems likely that she would have been brought to Rome by Aurelian but may not have been made part of his triumph. Thus far, the relationship between Palmyra and Rome had been amicable because Odaenthus' military actions had been just as much in Rome's favor as in his own. (2014, September 14). What happened to her next varies with the account one reads.


In 261 CE, when the usurper Quietus challenged Gallienius' rule, Odaenthus defeated and killed him and, after this, had enough power and prestige to effectively rule over his realm almost independent of Rome. While the other emperors had failed to notice what Zenobia was doing, or simply did not have the resources to do anything about it, Aurelian was a very different kind of ruler.

It is recorded she would march on foot with her troops long distances, could hunt as well as any man, and could out-drink anyone. I'm relatively new to the iOS platform after previously enjoying some of the Zenonia games on Android. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

It seems, however, that Timagenes may have been an instigator sent earlier by Zenobia to provide an excuse for the invasion.

Zenobia (born c. 240 CE, death date unknown) was the queen of the Palmyrene Empire who challenged the authority of Rome during the latter part of the period of Roman history known as The Crisis of the Third Century (235-284 CE). This guy was hated by the townspeople for no reasons. When he assumed rule he had to contend with defeating the Vandals, Alemanni, and the Goths but, by 272 CE, he was ready to reclaim the eastern provinces from Zenobia. In a dream, Apollonius came to Aurelian and counseled him to be merciful if he wished to obtain victory, and so Aurelian spared the city and marched on. The end of Zenobia's life, then, depends upon which source one finds most credible.

By this time Aurelian was emperor, and Zenobia had coins minted displaying an image of Vaballathus on one side and Aurelian on the other as joint rulers of Egypt. The Historia Augusta has long been recognized as an unreliable source that often manufactures dates, events, and even people in order to present a certain version of the reigns of the Roman emperors it deals with.
A gruesome battle ensues, and a child is left in the middle of the battlefield.

Do you need in-app real-money purchases to play the game, or can you complete the story without it.
Gallienus was assassinated in 268 CE and replaced by Claudius II who then died from fever and was succeeded by Quintillus in 270 CE. Drake Bijuu. While some sources have claimed, or at least suggested, that Zenobia had him murdered so that her son could become king, this has been rejected by most later writers and historians. He did not send envoys with letters asking for an explanation nor did he wait for Zenobia to offer one on her own; he marched on the Palmyrene Empire with his entire army.

Contrary to popular assertions, Zenobia never led a revolt against Rome, may never have been paraded through Rome's streets in chains, and was almost certainly not executed by the emperor Aurelian (reigned 270-275 CE).

Queen Zenobia before Emperor Aurelianusby Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Public Domain).

A Syrian-Egyptian by the name of Timagenes had started a revolt against Roman rule while the Roman governor was away on campaign, and Zenobia's march on Egypt could have been explained as a campaign in the interests of Rome.

The main character, Regret, is controlled through use of an on-screen d-pad, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.There are many side quests that the player can choose to complete in order to further explore the world. By 271 CE she ruled over an empire which stretched from modern-day Iraq across through Turkey and down through Egypt. In Zenonia 1. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The historian Richard Stoneman writes: During the five years after the death of Odaenthus in 267 CE, Zenobia had established herself in the minds of her people as mistress of the East. They pretended to retreat in the face of the Palmyrian cavalry, which pursued, and then turned and attacked them from an auspicious position.

Regret's in-game appearance changes based upon his equipped weapon and armor set. by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Public Domain). He meets Sun, a girl searching the lands for his father, who had been missing since she was a baby. Her manly understanding was strengthened and adorned by study.

In both she is presented as a woman of impressive abilities, and this is how ancient readers and later generations came to regard her. Regret defeats the minions of Ladon & his ghost. Not content to simply drive the invaders from Egypt, the Romans pursued the Syrians past the borders and north toward Syria, where the Syrians then mounted a counter-attack and decimated the Roman army.

So go and get it! Zonaras claims she was taken back to Rome, never was paraded through the streets in chains, and married a wealthy Roman husband, while Aurelian married one of her daughters. Thing is, while I've found and installed 1, 2, 4 and 5 the third one seems nowhere to be found!

In addition to the other virtues which are repeated in the ancient sources, special mention is always made of her chastity. https://zenonia.fandom.com/wiki/Zenonia?oldid=5986.

Throughout this time, Zenobia's policies steadily changed and, in 269 CE, seeing that Rome was too busy with its own problems to notice her, she sent her general Zabdas at the head of her army into Roman Egypt and claimed it as her own. Zenonia 3 has 136 quests, and that each of the four character classes has 13 active skills and 9 passive skills with which to customize them with skill points you receive every time you level up, the ability to add bonus points to stats, in addition to all the gear you can find.

Even in this, however, she was careful not to appear to be in conflict with Rome. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Zenonia 2 was released March 29, 2010. Mark, J. J. The Historia Augusta claims that her father could trace his lineage to the famous Julia Domna (170-217 CE) of the Severen Dynasty of Rome. The historian Edward Gibbon writes, "She retired within the walls of her capital, made every preparation for a vigorous resistance, and declared, with the intrepidity of a heroine, that the last moment of her reign and of her life should be the same" (131). Written by Joshua J. South of the Capital City, Leo, lies the Canyon of Despair.

In the chaos of Rome which characterized the Crisis of the Third Century, 26 men had come and gone as emperor.

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When Ladon falls, Regret meets Osiris, the seed of all evil, planted in the body of Regret himself at the beginning of the story. He feels sad about what happened his father. Even the Arabian sources, in which she is less heroic and more conniving, represent her as a notable queen. Al-Tabari, like the other Arabian writers, does not mention Aurelian or Rome in his narrative at all.

A series of events happen and in the course of the story, the player must make choices that would decide Regret's fate - to become evil or to side with good.

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